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age fotostock fotostock is a stock image agency, with offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris and New York, that manages licensing rights for photographic images and video clips for professional use in the corporate, editorial, advertising and design world, among others.

age fotostock manages the licensing rights of hundreds of Rights Managed, Royalty Free and Low Budget Royalty Free image and video collections. The agency can offer its clients millions of images and thousands of videos on a great variety of themes and styles, assuring that they will always find the materials needed to illustrate their work.

age fotostock, after many years of activity, continues to operate as a private Spanish enterprise, but it has a strong global presence, basing its successful expansion on the self-reliant generation of resources.

age fotostock, pixtal, and easyFotostock: age fotostock's own collections

age fotostock produces three collections of moving and still imagery: the Rights Managed age fotostock, the Royalty Free, Pixtal, and the Low Budget Royalty Free, easyFotostock. Hundreds of international photographers and videographers contribute their work to these brands, and age fotostock carefully produces and edits the images and videos, always looking for the most original themes and perspectives in order to meet the creative and functional needs of clients. Moreover, these materials go through a strict and rigorous post-production review to maximize the quality of the files available to clients.

The age fotostock, pixtal and easyFotostock collections are distributed worldwide through an extensive agency network to more than 80 countries in all continents. The distribution of these images is done through the technological and administrative infrastructure provided by the THP Photo Services. The THP (Technological Hosting Platform) was created and is managed by age fotostock; today it provides integrated image hosting and distribution services to about 50 photography agencies worldwide.

Services: value added

age fotostock has a sophisticated IT system, developed and administered completely in-house, that helps clients easily and quickly find the images, videos and CDs desired, among the millions available on-line. In addition, age fotostock has storage and administrative applications that allow clients to easily manage their files, making their work easier.

Other than excelling for the technology used to offer one of the fastest webs in the industry, age fotostock is a reference in customer service: the personalized technical assessment, the individualized attention, and the tailored image and video search services provide a level of service hard to match.


  • New York
  • age fotostock America, Inc.
  • 40 Wall Street 28th floor
  • New York, NY 10005
  • Tel: 212 625 9000
  • Barcelona
  • age fotostock Spain S.L.
  • Pallars 99, office 21
  • 08018 Barcelona
  • Tel: (34) 93 300 25 52

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