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How to sell your images?

Maybe you like the idea of licensing your photos, but aren’t too sure about how you want to do it. You have different options here also.

  1. Self Promotion. If you already have a customer base and you’re organized, tech-savvy, or have sufficient money to spend you could create a website and sell your own images by yourself. In this case 100% of your gross earnings will go to your pocket. However, consider whether your sale attempts alone will generate enough revenue to pay for all your needs.
  2. A Portal. If you don’t have the skills, but do have the motivation and want to promote your name, you might offer your work through a portal, an online gallery or portfolio that you can use to promote and sell your work. Portals also usually give the photographer different templates or gallery options, so that they can determine, to some degree, how their images are shown. Of course, you will have to pay fees such as setup, monthly, or some commission for any sold work and the result might be a bit far out from what you had in mind.
  3. Stock Agency. If you aren’t too interested in promoting yourself and handling customer sales and service because you need to do a lot of shooting and retouching your images to make them the product you wish to sell, then you will probably consider a stock agency. A stock agency represents and sells the work of many photographers through their website and distribution channels, and charges the photographer a commission for the sale. Since you don’t have to maintain a full fledged website, market yourself intensively, and handle all the sales intricacies, working with a stock agency can give you a lot of time to do what you do best; be a photographer!
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