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When does the money come rolling in?

Stock photography is only for patient people. You need to have an image presence of at least 1000 images to expect regular sales, since they are competing to be seen among close to 9 million images on our website. Distribution in the global market is slow and months can go by before the first sale is made. If, in the meantime, the supply of pictures has stopped, a fall in sales will follow. Remember that despite all of the windbags in forums crowing about all of the easy and “passive” money they are earning from the worthless snapshots they had laying around their hard drive, any real photographer can tell you that it takes hard work and time to make good money in photography, and there’s nothing passive about it.

Despite all of the hard work involved and the intricacies of a capricious market, we know that many of you would like to earn additional money with your stock photography, and that’s why we have prepared this information. We believe that any photographer can be creative, have style, stay close to home, AND sell photos! We believe that when photographers consider what they would like to say and how to say it, their images will be demanded by the clients. We hope that this Road Atlas will help you to understand how your photography can be clear, commercial, and ultimately successful. This makes our job easier and it rewards the intention and hard work that you bring to photography. And don’t forget, the earnings and practice from today’s commercial and stock images can give you the freedom to make tomorrow’s artistic images or documentary projects.

So, why not try? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.

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