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Who buys stock?

The very simplest answer is press, editorial, and advertising clients.

  • Press clients are editors of periodic publications: newspapers and magazines. There are current events magazines, and also a plethora of specialized magazines dedicated to a variety of subjects including: health, travel, cooking, history, science, etc. Generally, these publications are monthly; they constantly need new images of all of these subjects. You can go to a well-stocked news stand/library/bookstore to look over these publications and see what images they are publishing and which important visual trends you should incorporate into your photography to meet press needs.
  • Editorial clients are book editors who publish textbooks and create book covers. Textbooks use photos of every subject imaginable; the environment, geography, economy, industry, history, technology, scientific research of all kinds, and the social sciences. Everything! Book covers, usually novels, generally use creative images related to the title/subject of the book. You can keep up to date on what is being used by going to a large bookstore and looking at the covers of the newest releases.
  • Advertising clients are largely composed of graphic designers, advertising agencies, etc. who work for a portfolio of different clients such as utility companies, travel agencies, hotels, real estate, health services, banks, and small businesses of all kinds. These clients generally require images that show how their services positively affect the well-being of their clients. By reviewing printed and online ads and watching TV commercials, you can easily discover the subjects and themes of interest to these companies.

Our market segmentation tool

If you would like to know more about who are these press, editorial, and advertising clients, you can also consider this more specific market breakdown into eleven worldwide markets; Publishing / Books, Retail Products, Advertising, Packaging, Retail Calendar, Travel Packages, Games, Editorial & Press, Entertainment, Miscellaneous, and World Wide Web. This is the well experimented market classification that we provide you in Your Sales area (in Photographer’s Area). You can use this tool to keep track of who is buying your images.

First you should check where your images are currently being used by clicking on the current/past year on the sales reports page. There you will see a detailed breakdown of what percentage of your images sell in each segment and how much that earns you. You can evaluate in which market segments your images sell the best, and then review your images and draw your own conclusions about why your images sell more in certain markets, but do almost nothing in others. If you want to expand into another segment of the market, then you need to research the needs of that segment and then consider which of those you can meet with a reasonable investment of your time and resources.

If you have no or few sales, and therefore no reliable market analysis, then remember that’s why you’re reading this information. By understanding the basics of the market segments, you will be able to understand better how to make photos that will sell.

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