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Legal Matters

The person who drives without a driver´s license might not get caught the first time, or even the third time, that he takes the car out for a spin. But, the chances are, one day he will find himself sweating in front of the police... A photographer who licenses photography without understanding concepts such as editorial and commercial use or model and property releases, might also get caught someday. And if that day comes, the photographer won´t be able to plead “innocent” for being an amateur photographer or Sunday “hobbyist.” If you are licensing images, it is your responsibility to understand these legal basics, just as it is to have a license when you drive a car. It might read like the fine print, but it´s important.

Please note that this text is intended to provide you with some general guidelines about model and property releases and should not be taken as legal advice. It is the photographer’s sole responsibility to get appropriate legal counsel to ensure that the photographs submitted to us do not infringe on any copyright or trademark rights, or any right of privacy or publicity, nor give rise to any existing or potential claim.

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