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Digital quality control

Have you ever had a flat tire or engine breakdown in the middle of a trip? Do you remember how it felt to be in a strange place, maybe even in bad weather, and try to get help from strangers? That´s why before we allow your images to hit the sales highway, we send them for a quick inspection and do a little fine tuning. We don’t want them breaking down far away from home...

The age fotostock digital lab is a team of well-experienced digital technicians using the latest programs and equipment to quickly and efficiently assure that your image is well prepared for sale. A rare exception among stock agencies, age fotostock provides very comprehensive digital service at no cost to our photographers. Call us romantics! These free services include adjustment of curves and levels, color management, interpolation when necessary, proper saturation, focus filters, and occasionally, extensive photo-retouching to remove distracting elements or names, brands, etc. which could give rise to legal problems.

And if the day comes that we notify you of an image with digital quality problems, we hope that you will be glad that we didn’t allow you to hit the road in a shaky-breaky vehicle. When we reject an image for poor digital quality, we provide a list of possible defects so that if possible, you can correct the problem and resubmit. Now, in the following pages, we would like to provide you with a more in-depth explanation of the most common digital flaws and how they can be corrected, or even better, avoided. Consider this your basic maintenance list.

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