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Excessive Noise

Two problems which become quite apparent at night are low batteries in a car and electronic noise in your camera. You know you have low batteries if you switch on the headlights and they emit a dim, weak light. You know you have noise when you see multi-colored pixels, glowing out discordant colors in a dark area of your image.

Noise is a common technical problem in digital photography. Although in some cases noise is used for an artistic effect, usually it is the lack of information in an area which is compensated by the appearance of multi-colored noise. The amount of noise present in an image largely depends on quality of the camera, but other factors which produce noise are insufficient illumination and shooting at high ISO levels. To reduce noise, you should try to avoid the use of high ISO levels. In low light situations, you should use a tripod and shoot at low to middle ISO levels (from 100 to 400 ISO).

Here is an example of excessive noise:

Example. In the close-up of the image below, you can see the high noise level in the sky. The photo has electronic noise in the entire shadow area.
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