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All about keywording

As you peel out on your great stock adventure, don’t forget to tell the tale. By that we mean write accurate image descriptions with appropriate keywords about the subjects and places photographed. Keywords and image descriptions are the one common language that photographers and image buyers can use to make sure that the right photos get to the right people. An image without good keywords or an image description is like a library book that was left on the wrong shelf, no one will find it. And if no one finds your photo, it will not sell.

age fotostock and Pixtal photographers (exclusive) have the advantage of the age fotostock Keywording Department, professionally adding and reviewing keywords. Unlike many other agencies, we ensure that none of your photos will be a lost photo. However, their good keywording must be complemented by the important information about the subject, location, etc that only you, the photographer, can know. Also, you can make your images available for sale faster by keywording the images yourself in our Photographer´s Area.

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