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Keyword topics

You should follow a logical order when assigning topics keywords to your images. These are general words which allow researchers to quickly understand what might be contained in your image.

All of your images should fit into at least one of the following general topic categories which we use to classify age fotostock images.

  • Historical & Fine Arts
    Photos or illustrations of historical figures and events and photos of artwork.
  • Celebrities/Current Events
    Photos of current events and public figures (celebrities, politicians, etc).
  • Science & Industry
    Photos related to science, including investigation, laboratories, scientific materials, science concepts, etc. Photos related to industry, including fabrication, storage, transport, construction, energy, etc.
  • Nature
    Photos of animals, plants, landscapes, and nature.
  • Contemporary Imagery
    General images of people (lifestyles, couples, families, children, seniors, etc) as well as sports, business, etc.
  • World locations
    Photos of travel, world locations, folklore, traditions, ethnography, etc
  • Concepts
    Conceptual or symbolic images of objects not clearly related to other categories and digital imagery.
  • Agriculture & Food
    The production of food (crops, livestock, etc) and images of food ingredients, preparation, gastronomy, etc.
  • Space & Astronomy
    Photos of space exploration, astronautics, satellites, astronomy, etc.
  • Medical & Healthcare
    Images about healthcare, medical professionnals, medical teams, patients, medical research, as well as medical concepts and techniques such as x-ray, CAT, echography, photomicrography, and medical illustrations.
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