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Keywording destinations and geographic locations

It’s important to know in great detail where you are. It’s also impor-tant to know the location of your images. Don’t be stubborn!

In travel imagery it is essential to provide precise geographic locations with as much detail as possible. These kinds of images are useless without precise location details.

World location keywords checklist

  1. Continent, world region (ex. North America, Africa)
  2. Country (ex. United States, Tanzania)
  3. Region, state, province (ex. Mid-Atlantic, New York, Serengeti)
  4. City, town (ex. New York City)
  5. Area, district. etc. (ex. Manhattan, Midtown)
  6. Street, square, avenue, etc. (ex. Fifth Avenue)
  7. Landmarks: specific places, buildings, monuments, natural spots, etc. (ex. Empire State Building, Serengeti National Park)

Images that show a general view of a place should include keywords such as landscape, urban landscape, or overview. Please don’t include specific buildings/landmarks as keywords in these general landscapes unless they occupy a truly prominent location within the image.

In addition to geographic keywords, you should also include keywords which describe what is visible in the photo (ex. skyscraper, city, traffic, pedestrians, plains, savannah) as well as related concepts (ex. architecture, history, vacations, culture, tourism, nature). Be judicious in your use of these location/travel keywords and use them to provide accurate and helpful descriptions. If all of your travel photos employ the exact same set of keywords, they will have little to no value for a client.

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