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Keywording editorial images

Good documentation is especially important for the category of editorial images, which includes photos of historic and contemporary personalities, celebrities, social and political events, etc.

The image description should describe who or what appears in the image, under what circumstances, and when relevant, the date and place that the image was taken. Please refer to the list below. The keywords should include all of same information (distributed as we have previously explained), as well as any other information that could be helpful for the client. Remember that in editorial images, it is precisely this editorial type of information that is most important to the image.

Personalities / Celebrities Checklist

  1. The name of the person who appears in the photo (ex. Richard Gere, Luciano Pavarotti)
  2. The area of relevance or fame of the person (ex. politics, music, opera)
  3. The title, role, job, etc. (ex. President, politician, tenor, singer)
  4. The date: year, decade, century, etc (ex. 1995, 1990-2000, 20th century)
  5. Area, district. etc. (ex. Manhattan, Midtown)
  6. Street, square, avenue, etc. (ex. Fifth Avenue)
  7. Landmarks specific places, buildings, monuments, natural spots, etc. (ex. Empire State Building, Serengeti National Park)

Historical/Current Events Checklist

  1. The name of the event (ex. World War II, Presidential election, FIFA World Cup)
  2. A description of the event (ex. naval battle, political rally, soccer match)
  3. A general theme (ex. War, politics, sports)
  4. Date: Year, decade, century (ex. 1995, 1990-2000, 20th century)
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