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Keywording medical and scientific images

When keywording medical and scientific images it is as important to use exact and detailed keywords as it is to avoid worthless generalizations (ex. A person in a white lab coat with a stethoscope should have the keywords doctor and medicine, but it shouldn't have a long list of keywords on all of the different medical branches and specialists). You should only use keywords such as paediatrician or cardiologist when that particular specialization is represented in the image.

Keep in mind the following questions:

  • What is it? Is the image related to a specific area of medicine? (ex podiatry, oncology)
  • Does it reflect a general scientific field? (ex physics, biochemistry, biology)
  • What is the location? Does it have a particular setting? (ex hospital, laboratory, clean room)
  • What important objects are shown in the image? What are they used for? (ex diagnosis, therapy, prevention, research)
  • If the image was taken by a special technique such as with a microscope (micro-photography) you should specify what kind of microscope was used. (ex optical microscope, electron microscope)
  • What’s it called? Is the image related to a specific area of medicine? (ex podiatry, oncology)
  • What is it? Include the names of diseases, micro-organisms, parts of the body, techniques, devices, machines, etc.
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