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Step 2. Your equipment

We are glad to work with both professional and amateur photographers and videographers, but we do ask that you have “professional” attitudes when dealing with us and about keeping your equipment well maintained and up-to-date.

Your camera

  • Digital camera technology is constantly developing with greater resolutions and better chromatic reproduction. Keeping the equipment up to date is a requisite for a modern digital photographer.
  • You should visit the website of your camera's manufacturer periodically to check for actualizations in your equipment's firmware.
  • We require a minimum image file size of 26MB (decompressed) or your camera´s largest original file size available (if larger than 26MB). We recommend that you use a professional camera of at least 12 megapixels. We are willing to review your work if your camera has less, but we strongly recommend that you upgrade your equipment.
  • Make sure your images and video clips are exposed correctly and that your camera is well calibrated in terms of contrast, saturation, tone, and focus.
  • Please avoid using high sensitivities (ISO) except in special circumstances. Ideally, you should use sensitivities from 100 to 400 (with a tripod if necessary). High sensitivities produce noise and can cause banding in the shadows. Obviously, this varies from brand to brand so you should always test the limits of your new camera before a shoot.
  • If submitting video, you should ensure that your camera produces High Definition (HD) video and preferably Full HD. If you have unique clips shot in Standard Definition (SD), you can consult with us.
  • For photographers that are just starting to explore the HD video capacities of their camera, please review our special video section: Shooting video with a DLSR camera

Your screen

  • If you work with a Mac, be sure to adjust the gamma of your screen to the standard gamma for Internet or PC of 2.2.
If you have any doubts, or need further information, please contact
Raquel Gisbert.

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