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Step 3. Your IMAGES

Preparing your images

  • If you are a new photographer, you should send an initial selection of about 50-100 photos to help us to assess your imagery. The photos should be representative of your work and available for us to license.
  • Make sure your images are properly oriented; when photographers send vertical images with a horizontal orientation they will not be edited.
  • Make sure that the images have proper contrast and bright colors.
  • Use the color space Adobe RGB 1998.
  • All of your images should be sent at high resolution minimum 26 MB), as JPGs compressed at quality 10 or higher in PhotoShop.
  • If you work with a Mac, make sure that you load your files in a PC Format.
  • Do not send us a small amount of photos every day. Accumulate photos and send them all together on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • If you are an Exclusive Photographer, we are willing to keywording your images, but you must always send your images with caption. Most images are worthless without that vital information, which only you can give.
  • Remember, if you are a non-exclusive photographer, your images must have captions and at least 10 keywords in English embedded in the IPTC of every image or they will be automatically rejected by our system.
  • We require that all photographers provide the necessary authorizations of any identifiable persons appearing in their images. All releases must be clearly labelled with the code of the corresponding photograph or with a description that allows us to match the release with the relevant images. You can find complete legal information in Legal Matters.


Before sending images by FTP or by post, please carefully read the complete guidelines:


Sending your images by FTP

  • The FTP is the fastest, cheapest, and most efficient way for you to send us your images. Sign up for FTP access.

Sending your images by Post

If you are still in the digital Dark Ages and can´t use the FTP, you can send the photos in DVDs/Memory cards/Hard drives, etc.

  • You must send the storage devices with all delivery charges prepaid. We recommend a messenger express system.
  • DVDs with digital file submissions will not be returned. Most lightweight memory supports can be returned to the photographer by normal mail. age fotostock is not responsible for any damages or losses of these supports in the mail.

DVDs/Hard drives/Memory cards should be sent to:

Raquel Gisbert
age fotostock
Pallars 99, office 21
08018 Barcelona

For those of you located closer to our U.S. office in NY, you can ship your images to:

Raquel Gisbert
age fotostock america inc.
40 Wall Street, 28th Floor
New York, NY 10005
If you have any doubts, or need further information, please contact
Raquel Gisbert.

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