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You are off on this great stock photography adventure. The choices of destination are endless. So what does age fotostock offer you?

age fotostock offers its contributors the best professional conditions in the sector for the distribution of their images, videos and vectors, including Rights Managed (RM), Royalty Free (RF),and Low Budget Royalty Free(LBRF).

  • A fair split. We pay our contributors a 50% commission. Where else can you find a full service agency with that commission in today´s stock industry?
  • Flexibility. Now we work with contributors on both an exclusive and a non-exclusive basis. You pick the shoe that fits best.
  • More choices. We offer three different images markets for your material: age fotostock Rights Managed (RM), Pixtal Royalty Free (RF), and easyFotostock Low Budget Royalty Free (LBRF). Your images, videos and vectors will be seen by the whole gamut of image buyers (except for those who like to buy images at $0.14).
  • Value added. Free digital retouching and keywording services for RM and RF exclusive images and no handling, retouching, web, or editing fees for any of your images, videos or vectors.
  • All year round the age fotostock team is professionally editing, retouching, keywording, marketing, and selling your material. Even when you’re on vacation!
  • Worldwide exposure of your images, videos and vectors through our website: and through the websites of our many agents.
    Visit for more information.
  • Direct sales in Spain, the U.S., and France. The collections of age fotostock, Pixtal, and easyFotostock are distributed through our offices in Barcelona, Madrid, New York, and Paris. The sales teams galvanize sales by highlighting these collections and by offering impeccable customer service.
  • A portfolio of all of your images represented at age fotostock. Just write Raquel Gisbert to request a personalized link to our web site to show your images to clients. The selection automatically updates every time we upload your new images.
  • Private access to our Photographer´s Area here where you can add and modify image keywords and keep track of your monthly earnings in the online sales report section.
  • Monthly reports. We will keep you up-to-date on your sales and you won´t have to wait for months to receive yours.
  • Time. Thanks to all of the above, if love shooting photos and video, you will have much more time to think of new ideas, plan shoots, travel, and shoot great material. And that means more money. For a photographer or a videographer, having the time to think and produce is absolutely essential.
If you have any doubts, or need further information, please contact
Raquel Gisbert.

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