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Starting with video

Are you up for a new challenge? Are you ready to shoot both still image and video? If video is a whole new world for you, but you’re excited to give it a whirl anyway, this section is for you! It will help you start to understand the basic vocabulary and concepts of video, technical information and even how to start shooting video with your DLSR camera (with HD capability). In other words, it will help you video beginners warm up your engines. If you’ve been shooting video for a while, or already know a lot, you will probably want to skip this section.

Photographers, why should you try to shoot video? Look around you. Our world is increasingly multi-media, motion-focussed. There is a great need for video clips to use on the web, in applications, new media, education, etc., and the list goes on. Where will clients find that video? We hope you will help meet their need with your video.

And you can consider it a new artistic challenge as well!

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