About us

agefotostock is a stock photography and video agency based in Spain, with offices in Barcelona and Madrid and companies in New York and Paris. We manage licensing rights for photographic images and video clips for use in the corporate, editorial, advertising and design world. We specialize in the hosting and distribution of stock photography through our very own technological hosting platform and we offer a large database of high-quality Creative and Editorial images and videos for professional use.

We produce our own collections. Hundreds of international photographers and videographers contribute their work to our three brands; agefotostock (Rights Managed), Pixtal (Royalty Free) and easyFotostock (Low Budget Royalty Free). We also distribute over 400 collections from other photography agencies in more than 80 countries through a solid network of close to 80 agents.

agefotostock has in-house marketing and graphic design teams, a highly qualified research team, a legal department, as well as a competent and innovative IT department, who constantly develop and innovate the applications necessary to guarantee an impeccable internet service that allows clients to acquire the best photography, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Our history

agefotostock was founded in 1973, 47 years ago in Barcelona, Spain, when Alfonso Gutierrez Escera, a former chemist turned photographer, decided to stop producing assignment works for a Spanish publishing house, take pictures of what he saw interesting and try to sell the results afterwards. There was only the desire and satisfaction to enjoy photography by shooting and distributing images.

To make agefotostock work, the founder capitalized on all of the miscellaneous knowledge and business acumen accumulated in his past endeavors. His diverse background enabled the company to achieve one of the three agefotostock defining terms: independence. Since the early days of film, dupes and processing up to the digital world of today, agefotostock has managed very well to be completely independent. The same independent character can be seen in the development of the technology, the THP (www.thpservices.com) that manages the daily operations of the company and a number of others around the globe.

agefotostock has always been coherent in its approach to business development. Its fundamental goals were not about being number one in anything, nor being dependent on anybody. Therefore, the company has been able to avoid ventures that would have endangered its autonomy and existence.

Independence, coherency and satisfaction are the words that best describe the history of the company; a place to work in what satisfies you.

Alfonso Gutierrez, CEO of agefotostock group of companies, is the President of CEPIC since June 2013.