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The Alinari archives offer a treasure trove of ideas on a wide range of subjects: history, culture, lifestyle, industry, arts and much more. Enjoy this collection and be inspired by Alinari.

The Adoration of the Magi, lateral panel of a triptych exhibited at the National Gallery of Umbria, Perugia. (1377 - 1456), shot 1996 by Domingie
Portrait of the Italian dancer Wanda Torti, shot 1930 ca. by Camuzzi, Mario
The Circles of the Upper and Lower Rhine, engraving by G. Zuliani taken from Tome III of the Newest Atlas published in Venice in 1780 by Antonio Zatta
Independence and Unification of Italy: the military campaign of 1859, List of military components of the French army led by Napoleon III and the Italian army...
The Venetian painter Marco Novati (1895-1975) in his studio, shot 29/05/1969 by Fotografia Ferruzzi
Pair of girls posing on a tree trunk, shot 17/06/1923 by Monteverde, Aurelio
The meadow known as the Prato delle Cornacchie at the Cascine Park in Florence, shot 1988 by Tatge, George for Alinari
Painting by Joachim Beuckelaer etitled Fish Market, in the Museo di Capodimonte in Naples (1570), shot 1990 ca. by Pedicini, Luciano for Alinari
View of the Certosa (Carthusian Monastery) of Galluzzo, on the outskirts of Florence (1342), shot 1890 ca. by Alinari, Fratelli
First World War: shared anti-aircraft missiles, shot 1915-1918
La Foret Noire - etudes, impressions & voyages sur les bords du Rhin : Pair of women in traditional dress of the Black Forest, shot 1866
Album Duce : Benito Mussolini during an official visit to Tripoli, shot 1934
The Bau Pressiu dam in Nuxis, on the outskirts of Cagliari, shot 2001 by Tatge, George for Alinari
View of Toledo, shot 1988 ca. by Pittini, Filiberto
First World War: the 'Ukraine in the years 1914-1916 during the invasion of the German army. Military and civilians in the street of a city
Entry of Christ into Jerusalem', painting by Santi di Tito in The Accademy Gallery in Florence (XVI century), shot 1990 by Lorusso, Nicola for Alinari
Trachytic rocks of the Island St. Peter, Sardinia, shot 1920-1930 by Alinari, Fratelli
Spanish Civil War 1936-1939: Italian soldiers posing on the steps leading to the entrance of a building, shot 02-05/1939 by Lorandi Maurizio
Spanish Civil War 1936-1939: Some soldiers sitting on the ground, shot 1937-1939 by Lorandi Maurizio
Union Women in Italy (UDI): Women's Day in Santa Viola (Bologna), the March 8, shot 1965 ca. by Villani, Studio

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