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Robana Picture Library provides a diverse range of multicultural and historical imagery from the world-famous British Library and is ideal for both academic and commercial applications. Containing images of both educational and visual interest, the collection’s highlights include important literary works, religious iconography, scientific and cartographical drawings, paintings and sketches, historical press imagery and children’s illustration among a wealth of other areas..

Date palms. An illustration to the memoirs of the Emperor Babur. Image taken from Vaqi 'at-i Baburi. Originally published/produced in India, c.1590
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Phoenix burns and is resurrected, Whole folio Two illustrations of the life-cycle of the phoenix, a bird which lives for five hundred years
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Death and rebirth of the phoenix, Miniature A phoenix gathers sweet-smelling spices for its own bier, and lies amidst the flames on its funeral pyre
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