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Hundreds of different collections and millions of Rights Managed, Royalty Free, and Low Budget Royalty Free stock photos of the most varied subjects and styles.

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  • Garreau Designs is a collection of images that compiles fashionable designs such as art or ethnic themes inspired motifs, mosaics, geometric figures or basic patterns like plaids or paisleys, among many other
  • Fine Art Images contains works of art by international artists from all centuries. It is one of the most comprehensive digitalized fine arts image collections
  • Unique collection depicting historical subjects and personalities. It comprises images photographed from illustrations, adverts, collector cards, books, periodicals and other sources.
  • A full spectrum of complexity and artistic styles which features essential design elements and vector backgrounds, as well as and highly detailed creative artworks
  • The Everett History Collection encompasses historical entertainment and cultural, political, and military personalities from all ages
  • Historical and vintage images, from prehistoric dinosaurs to 1970s office scenes; medieval torture chambers to art deco fashion plates
  • Quagga Illustrations is a Berlin based image agency providing historical illustrations (mostly black-and-white woodcuts), which cover all areas of natural and cultural history; ranging from agriculture, alphabets, architecture, botany, and concepts from medicine, ornaments and historical figures to religion, technology and zoology
  • As well as historical photographic magazine archives covering 100 years of Italian history through society, events, fashion and art this collection also boasts a complete catalogue of major Italian museums
  • The Entertainment collection is a photographic kaleidoscope of Germany’s entertainment world from the 1950s to the 2000s, consisting of images of German TV productions, stars and starlets of stage and screen, musicians, singers, TV personalities, pictures from behind the scenes, as well as Munich's high society from the 1960s to the 1980s
  • Focusing on historical photos and illustrations from around the world, this collection covers art, mythology, major conflicts, and artifacts and remains from ancient civilizations
  • The Alinari archives offer a treasure trove of ideas on a wide range of subjects: history, culture, lifestyle, industry, arts and much more. Enjoy this collection and be inspired by Alinari.
  • The Retro Travel collection shows the works of Walter Rudolph, a tourism photographer who supplied photo agencies worldwide in the 1970s and 1980s
  • The Original Wire Service - (started in the 1870s) with the best visual history of the 20th century and beyond
  • The Universal Images Group (UIG) collection features educational content sourced from specialist suppliers, private collections and museums
  • Compelling and high-quality images that cover the subject areas most needed for reference and encyclopedic products
  • This collection encompasses both important and humorous images, with historical, cultural, political, and military personalities from ages past
  • The History collection ranges from images of early 20th century hand-colored glass slides by Carl Simon to Karl-Heinrich Lämmel's photographic accounts of Germany in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1960s
  • JT Vintage is a rich and expansive collection comprised of authentic historical visuals and archives of conceptual and lifestyle images from decades and centuries past.
  • Bringing together works from the world's leading museums, galleries and private collections, Heritage Images offer one of the leading fine art and historical image collections available today.
  • The Cinema Collection portrays publicity stills from the world of international cinema, spanning a history of cinema from the silent movie days to the blockbusters of the 2000s
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