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Proud Comorian man, portrait, Moroni, Grande Comore, Comoros, Indian Ocean
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Israel, Jerusalem, man in decorative garments, blurry
Israel, Jerusalem, crowd at the Wailing Wall
Israel, Jerusalem, man holding tallith above head, blurred
Israel, Jerusalem, Orthodox Jew walking by barrier, side view, blurred
child's hand reaches for the men's hand
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Students of Madrasasa ; Muslim school ; Kerala ; India NO MR
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Man asking please, guy putting hands together asking please, worried man apologizing, Hopeful man asking for help or apologizing, man thanking for forgiveness
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Easter Procession in Crevillente, Murcia, Spain, Europe
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Portrait of a dervish in front of the Hamed al-Nile grave, at the weekly dervish ceremony, Hamed al-Nile cemetery, Kharthoum, Sudan
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