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Two Dozen Sushi Rolls at Tray Japanese Cuisine
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In the Tuff hut at 1270 mt on the Sciliar plateau, the owner Josef ""Sepp"" Haselrieder has owned three camels named Sharan, Tiguan and Touran for about a year
15 July 2019, Schleswig-Holstein, Lübeck: Jürgen Hinsch from Hanover stands next to his burnt-out VW car, which he parked in a car park near the old town island
04 June 2021, Lower Saxony, Leer: The defendant (l), former head physician at Leer Hospital, sits next to his lawyer Sebastian Wendt before the trial begins
Bytom May 14. View of the Carbo-Koks coking plant, which is located several dozen meters from the Bobrek mine where coal extraction was suspended due to the...
04 June 2021, Lower Saxony, Leer: The defendant (r), former head physician at Leer Hospital, stands next to his lawyer Sebastian Wendt (m) before the trial...
Thousand robes march that took place on January 11 2020 in Warsaw gathered, among others judges protesting against the judicary reform
Carton box with quail eggs
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Rose, Rosa 'Passion', Classic dozen deep red roses arranged in a vase
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12 February 2021, Hamburg: Ice bathers swim for a good cause in the icy Elbe near Övelgönne. Several dozen brave people plunged into the three-degree Elbe on...
Chocolate glazed donuts and sprinkle donuts
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Madrid, Spain; 07.04.2021.- Santiago Abascal leader of Vox. .Vox carries out its first act of electoral pre-campaign in Madrid in the working-class neighborhood...
roses, flowers, roman, ce
08 March 2021, Hamburg: A woman shows a sign with the inscription ""No Sharia anywhere! On International Women's Day, several dozen participants responded to a...
The police had to interfere against several dozen participants in a march for the current unlimited right to abortion in the Czech legislation
A Dozen Brown Eggs in an Opened Carton with Handheld Beaters
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in the bakery
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Madrid, Spain; 16/08/2020.- Demonstration in Madrid against the use of the mask: ""We are not afraid"".Without maintaining a safe distance or wearing this face...
Cuba, Havana Vieja, flowers in bicycle basket
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Several dozen Czech supporters of the Russian nationalist Night Wolves motorcycle club commemorated the Soviet and Czechoslovak soldiers who died during WWII at...

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