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Fouquier-Tinville tried by the Revolutionary Court, 12 Floreal Year 5. Republic, Antoine Quentin Fouquier-Tinville in front of the Revolutionary Tribunal;
Robespierre brought wounded, in the anti-hall of the Committee of Public Safety, on July 28, 1794, or 10 Thermidor, Year 2
Audience of the Directory in Costume, the 30 Brumaire Year 4. of the Republic, Public Audience of the Government at the Palais du Luxembourg
Cécile Renaud arrested at Robespierre on May 22, and tried on June 17, 1794: or 4 Prairial and 29 of the same month, An 2
Loiserolles devotes himself to death for his son, July 26, 1794, or 8 Thermidor, An 2. of the Republic, Jean Simon Aved de Loizerolles sacrifices himself for...
Interior of a Revolutionary Committee under the Terror Regime, Years 1793 and 1794; or Years 2. and 3. of the Republic, Comités de surveillance révolutionnaire...
Fussilades de Lyon, commissioned by Collot-d'Herbois, December 14, 1793, or 24 Frimaire Year 2. of the Republic, Mass rifles organized by Jean-Marie Collot...
Supplice of Gobel Bishop of Paris, Hebert, Vincent, Chaumette, etc. on March 14, 1794 or 24 Ventôse Year 2. of the Republic
Condorcet killing himself in his prison on March 28, 1794: or 8 Germinal An 2. of the Republic, Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas Caritat
Assassination of the deputy Ferraud in the National Convention the 1st Prairial, Year 3. of the Republic, Jean-Bertrand Féraud's head is shown on May 2
Pacification of the Vendée, the first Floréal, Year 3. of the Republic, Signing of the Traité de La Jaunaye on 17 February 1795, signed: Girardet inv
Attack of Grenelle camp by conspirators, 24 Fructidor, Year 4. Republic, Camp of Grenelle in the Night of 9 to 10 September 1796, signed: Girardet inv
Death of General Marceau, the 5th day complementary, of Year 4 of the Republic, The fatally injured François Séverin Marceau, signed: Girardet inv
Attack of the common house of Paris on July 29, 1794, or 9 Thermidor Year 2. of the Republic, Attack on the City Hall in Paris on July 29, 1794
Victory Day, at the Champ de Mars, 10 Prairial, Year 4. of the Republic, Fête des Victoires on the Campus Martius in Paris on May 29, 1796, signed: Girardet inv
Attack of the National Convention; memorable day of 13 Vendémiaire Year 4. of the French Republic, Breaking up of the royalist uprising in front of the Saint...
Closing of the hall of the Jacobins, in the night of 27 to 28 July 1794, or 9 to 10 Thermidor, Year 2 of the Republic, Closure of the Jacobin Club in Paris on...
Apotheosis of J. J. Rousseau, his translation to the Pantheon, October 11, 1794, or 20 Vendémaire Year 3. of the Republic
Ten August 1792, siege and take of the Tuileries castle, Tuileries Tower on 10th August 1792 in Paris, signed: Prieur inv
Massacres in Fort St. Jean, Marseille, 17 Prairial Year 3. of the Republic, Assassination of the Jacobins at Fort Saint-Jean in Marseilles in June 1795

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