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Aerial view of icepack and cliffs in Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada
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Two backpackers hike through a wet section of Akshayak Pass
Two backpackers cross streams in Akshayak Pass, Baffin Island
Reflection of mountains in Summit Lake, Akshayak Pass
Rear view of two backpackers hiking, leaving footprints in the sand
Rear view of climbers resting at basecamp after a long day of climbing
Rear view of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) on cliff overlooking the ocean
Two backpackers navigate a series of river crossings in Akshayak Pass
Reflection of two mountaineers looking at daunting mountain
Rear view of backpackers traversing Akshayak Pass
Two backpackers navigate crossing a braided river in a mountain pass
View of unique homes in Iqaluit from the beach at Hudson Bay Company
Iceberg floating in the Arctic Ocean
Icebergs and rugged mountains, Baffin Island, Canada
Tents set up on a sandy beach below mountain peaks
Reflection of two backpackers approaching steep mountains
Campfire moves across the glacier as two men camp on a glacier
Two backpackers hike upstream of river to find safe crossing
Reflection of backpack hiking in Akshayuk Pass, Baffin Island, Canada
Aerial view of mountains and glaciers from plane window

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