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Young man talking on cell phone, close-up
Man sitting on ledge, leaning head back, looking up
Young man sitting at outdoor cafe, using cell phone
Construction worker holding back of arm to forehead, eyes closed, taking break
Young man sitting at outdoor cafe with friend
Young man using cell phone outdoors
Construction worker sitting on ledge, leaning head back, eyes closed, taking break
Senior man having breakfast outdoors, portrait
Construction worker with foot on windowsill measuring space above window
Boy wearing pollution mask, standing on polluted shore
Construction worker siting on window ledge taking break
Boy writing on blackboard
Construction worker measuring space on wall, looking over shoulder at camera
Golfer swinging
Man smiling in factory, portrait
Construction worker measuring space above window
Three young friends sitting at a sidewalk cafe
Young boy collecting Easter eggs, Aurora, Ontario
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Seated Sphinx. On the head she wears a polos crown adorned with anthemia (palmette flowers). It served as a leg of a marble table. Circa 150 A.D
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Senior man, portrait

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