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Nov. 11, 1974 - 'King' pele shows Japanese Schoolboys how to Score : Retired Bra----ian football, star Pele, coached Japanese schoolboys some o- --- the finer...
Nov. 11, 1974 - 'King' Pele Shows Japanese Schoolboys How To Score: Retired Brazilian football star Pele, coached Japanese schoolboys some of the finer points...
1974 - New Views of Shinjuku Many buildings are now under construction around the Shinjuku Station, which will become a new business center of Tokyo
May 05, 1974 - Japanese can now see trevi fountain in Tokyo, With rampant inflation and tight money situation in japan, would-be tourists to see the sights in...
1974 - Traffic banned Sundays in busy city center: A festive air is created in the traffic free streets of Shinjuku, a busy Tokyo section
Apr. 04, 1974 - Former Imperial residence, now official guest house for states visitors in Akasaka, Tokyo: To give visiting guests the experience of Japanese...
Nov. 29, 1974 - Tokyo, Japan - Brazilian footballer PELE teaches Japanese schoolboys soccer at the National Stadium in Tokyo
Nov. 11, 1974 - President Gerald Ford and Emperor Hirohito of Japan stand at attention during the ceremonies held in the presidents honor outside the Guest...
Nov. 11, 1974 - President Ford Visits Japan: Emperor Hirohito of Japan reads a welcoming speech to President Gerald Ford
Nov. 11, 1974 - Tokyo Stores Preparing For Christmas Despite Slump: Optimistically, Tokyo's big department stores are dressing up for Christmas

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