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Astronaut Joe F. Edwards Jr., STS-89 pilot, works out on the bicycle ergometer aboard the Earth-orbiting space shuttle Endeavour
Silhouettes of Florida foliage frame the space shuttle Endeavour in this wide scene of its nocturnal launch. Endeavour lifted off from Launch Pad 39A at 9:48:15...
Astronaut Joe F. Edwards Jr., STS-89 pilot, highlights important data on a checklist while temporarily occupying the commander's station on the port side of the...
Astronaut Terrence W. (Terry) Wilcutt, STS-89 mission commander, uses a battery-powered razor to shave aboard the Earth-orbiting space shuttle Endeavour
The Mir-24 crew of Russia's Mir Space Station and the space shuttle Endeavour STS-89 crew members work together to transfer supplies from the Spacehab Module...
Astronaut Joe F. Edwards Jr. (left), STS-89 pilot, and Salizhan S. Sharipov, mission specialist representing the Russian Space Agency (RSA)
The seven American astronauts who spent time as researchers aboard Russia's Mir space station are pictured in a studio portrait in Houston following the return...
11/03/1997 --- A technician from the National Space Development Agency of Japan NASDA tests the real-time radiation monitoring device on SPACEHAB at Kennedy...
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12/19/1997 --- The Space Shuttle Endeavour rolls out to Launch Pad 39A, the destination of its 3.4-mile journey from the Vehicle Assembly Building
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10/06/1997 -- The Space Shuttle orbiter Atlantis touches down on Runway 15 of the KSC Shuttle Landing Facility SLF to complete the nearly 11-day STS-86 mission
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