Stock Video - Stora Sundby is a castle and a land estate located at Hälmaren in the vicinity of Alberga in Eskilstuna Municipality and Öja Parish in Södermanland. Its present appearance resembling a knight´s castle received the castle at a pervasive conversion during the 1830s and 1840s, when it was owned by Count Carl De Geer. In 1848 Sweden´s most beautiful castle was finished and now flaunted with four large towers symbolising the seasons, twelve smaller towers for the months, 52 rooms for the weeks of the year and 365 windows for all days of the calendar. Great Sundby comprises a total of 3, 700 hectares, of which 3000 is woodland, 450 hectares is arable land and the rest other land. In addition, 1, 450 hectares of water are added in Helmaren which is fished.

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