Stock Video - Ullared is a commercial center located in Varberg Municipality, Halland County, in Sweden. It is known for its large, low-priced department store that attracts customers from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Germany. Gekås Ullared was founded in 1963 by Göran Karlsson, who had previously sold products from a van and later from a stall at the local market. He then opened a store in Ullared, making it a destination for bargain seekers. The store was initially called “Görans Gekås” and later changed to “Gekås Ullared”. In 2003, the store was expanded to include a hypermarket and other stores. The store now covers an area of about 30,000 square meters and has become one of the most visited destinations in Sweden. Gekås Ullared has become a popular reality television series in Sweden, which follows celebrities as they shop at the store.

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