age fotostock HIGHLIGHTS - ISSUE 05
Tune into autumn in this issue of HIGHLIGHTS issue 5; pleasant hues of yellow warm up the evenings, photographer Andrea Matone reveals his quirky view of the life around him, and a selection of dynamic images take us on a journey within the frame.
INSPIRATION. A glow of optimism
This golden ray is a curious color. Commonly associated with wealth, sunshine, happiness and optimism, at first glance there’s not a more cheerful hue. Nevertheless, it is difficult to see an actor on stage dressed in this bright color. In the seventeenth century the playwright Molière died on stage dressed in yellow and green, and since then in some countries superstitious actors consider both colors unlucky. Happily our selection concentrates on the lighter side - come bask in the celestial glow.
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“For me photography is all about the lens cap; it needs to be off the lens for the camera to take a picture. Don't get me wrong: you can still take a photograph with it but your work will look repetitive and excessively underexposed (this is true whether you are using Nikon or Canon). I personally strive to be able to take the lens cap off in time to take that picture I saw. I know. It’s not easy.. but if you don’t take it off you won’t be able to photograph.” (Matone)
That’s just the beginning! See what happens after Matone makes this vital move.

A compelling photo not only paints a million words but also constructs a journey for the eyes. Converging Lines are a powerful tool in photography: by exploiting the attraction of the diagonal line and the movement it conveys, a strong connection is made between the background and foreground in the picture, offering a voyage for the viewer's roaming eye. Interestingly, this time spent looking at the image directly equates to how enticing the viewer perceives the picture - the longer, the better. Just follow the line…
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