agefotostock HIGHLIGHTS - ISSUE 07
We’re bringing you an eclectic mix in this issue. You´ll find an arrestingly calm simplicity in images by photographer Hallström, a selection of dress-ups and retro portraits galore, and the release of our new snapmobilefoto collection - casual and spontaneous photography made possible with smartphones.
There’s a certain serene elegance to Hallström’s photography, perhaps influenced by the Swedish northern landscape, his native home. These clean, crisp, contemplative photos bring with them a breeze reflective of sea and land and air, while the mix of traditional and contemporary elements add to the light and airy ambience.

Retro Portraits
Fashion is a cycle that borrows trends from previous years and shakes them around to make them contemporary. Call it kitsch or elegant, if you come across a woman talking into a dial telephone as big as her bangs, your attention has been caught. Vintage brings the past forward with sensual sweet gals, hourglass figures, crazy patterns, and above all, an exuberance for living and laughing at ourselves. Join the fun.
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SnapMobileFoto: New Collection
Shot on-the-fly from the most widely used camera in the world's history, the smart phone, this collection of contemporary images both surprises with spontaneity and lures with informal intimacy. Today’s generation has the most powerful photographic device in its hands - the mobile phone. In the last decade it has risen to become the most used camera in global history, and with access to photo filters and instant uploads, its influence has irreversibly flooded popular imagery worldwide. Descriptive and typically straightforward shooting styles are taking the back seat to a photographical freedom: the ease of capturing candid, spontaneous, real spur-of-the-moment snapshots has enabled photography to reach a height of wildness and intimacy never witnessed before. Pop in to our new permanent and growing collection.
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