agefotostock HIGHLIGHTS - ISSUE 09
We’re starting the year with gusto, bringing you exceptional portraits from our award winning photographer Ton Koene, a scenic gallery to whisk you away, and a collection of images concentrating on the good energy that we hope will last the whole year long. We´re wishing you all a very wonderful 2015.
Koene’s passion for photography is obvious, it not only radiates in his images but also in his impressive biography. After working for 16 years in conflict areas for Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF), he began working as a news photographer, winning a World Press Photo award in 2013. He is now staff photographer for the leading dutch newspaper 'De Volkskrant' in The Netherlands as well as undertaking assignments for humanitarian organizations and commercial projects/assignments. In this portfolio of portraits, Koene expertly captures a glimpse of people’s lives in fascinating and extreme circumstances.
INSPIRATION. Awesome Landscapes
Those calendars on your desk, that beach scene wallpaper screen that greets you every morning, those photos you have on the workplace wall – all are doing you much more good than your boss may realize. The contemplation of nature and the environment’s allure reduces stress, improves attention capacity, and improves mood and general well-being. Take a moment’s virtual vacation in this gallery of the world’s most stunning vistas, you´ll certainly feel all the more inspired for it.
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Positive Energy
Who doesn’t get a buzz from a well executed high-five? Positive energy is contagious. If you smile, someone is sure to smile back. If you exude serenity, people will feel peaceful around you. How to get there? Remain like a child in wonder of the glorious world around you, take care of yourself, indulge in a day full of all the things that make you feel good, and appreciate and consciously enjoy every moment. Life is beautiful!
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