George Munday

Nerje, Malaga Province, Spain
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George Munday


A passion for photography that remains undiminished after 40 years shooting in a wide range of genres.

Decades of enjoyable challenges since graduating from Birmingham School of Photography in 1975...four years as chief photographer for the Kidderminster Shuttle Newspaper...ten in advertising and corporate photography...ten growing Slidefile stock agency...four running The Irish Image Collection...and five teaching digital photography at Copper Coast Workshops. Now I'm semi-retired!

about me

Any special artistic influences?
All Photographic and Fine Artists: it's too difficult to differentiate between those I like...and those who influenced me.
What is the best photographic advice that you have ever received?
The camera is a tool...the important factors are what's behind and in front of it.
If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be?