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14 June 2020, Berlin: Participants of the demonstration of the alliance ""Indivisible"" against social injustice and racism have formed a human chain
19 December 2019, Berlin: Volleyball: Press conference of the European Volleyball Association CEV at the Hotel Adlon with representatives of DVV, VBL
04 May 2020, Berlin: Memorial stone at the Soviet memorial in Treptow Park. Completed in May 1949, the memorial was built by order of the Soviet troops to...
03 May 2020, Berlin: Participants of a rally of Extinction Rebellion dancing in front of the Brandenburg Gate. The rally will take place at the beginning of...
30 July 2020, Berlin: An activist dressed as US President Trump drives in front of the Brandenburg Gate during a demonstration for a world without nuclear...
22 January 2021, Berlin: A man wearing a mouth and nose protection walks to a track in the Brandenburg Gate underground station in the early morning
29 March 2019, Berlin: The environmental activist Greta Thunberg speaks to the students at the demonstration ""Fridays for Future"" at the Brandenburg Gate in...
30 December 2019, Berlin: Barriers can be seen on the Straße des 17.Juni for the New Year's Eve party mile between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column...
27 July 2019, Berlin: At the soundcheck for the closing event of the CSD-Parade the singer Mia is standing in front of the Brandenburg Gate on stage in front of...
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels memorial , Berlin, May 25, 2018 | usage worldwide. - Berlin/Berlin/Germany
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FILED - 06 March 2014, Berlin: The Berlin action artist Ben Wagin stands in front of the Brandenburg Gate in front of his installation ""Mauer keine Dauer"" on...
17 June 2020, Berlin: Andreas Scheuer (2nd from left, CSU), Federal Minister of Transport, speaks to industry representatives and journalists during a protest...
18 November 2020, Berlin: Police water cannons stand at the Brandenburg Gate during a demonstration against the corona restrictions of the federal government
Fest zum Tag der Deutschen Einheit at Brandenburger Tor. Featuring: Mike Singer Where: Berlin, Germany When: 02 Oct 2017 Credit:
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23 May 2019, Brandenburg, Caputh: In the old Logierhaus at Caputh Castle, the decay is clearly visible inside. The Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten...
Flag of the federal state Berlin with Berliner Bar. Koblenz, 11/17/2020 | usage worldwide. - Koblenz/Rheinland-Pfalz/Deutschland
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22 January 2021, Berlin: The lawyer Markus Haintz takes part in a demonstration for freedom of the press in front of the Brandenburg Gate
10 January 2019, Berlin: A Rosa Luxemburg statue by sculptor Rolf Biebl on Franz-Mehring-Platz in front of the publishing and editorial building of the...
14 August 2018, Germany, Berlin: Tourists walk along a footpath in Mitte with rolling suitcases. Photo: Jens Kalaene/dpa-Zentralbild/ZB
29 December 2018, Berlin: ""New Year's Eve in Berlin"" is written on the banner at the Brandenburg Gate. There the preparations for the New Year's Eve party on...

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