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07 April 2022, Hamburg: Katharina Santore (flnr), Head of Department at the Hamburg-Nord District Office, explains the procedures to Güngör Yilmaz (SPD)
14 May 2019, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Rostock: The Dane Claus Ruhe Madsen (non-party), until recently president of the Rostock Chamber of Industry and...
Human plastinate exhibits at the Menschen Museum in Berlin,  Germany, 03 February 2016. The district of Berlin-Mitte has been trying to stop the museum for...
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01 December 2021, Demmin: An excursion boat is moored in the Peene River in front of the town. The city of Demmin recently had a weekly incidence of 1206
09 April 2021, France, Paris: A garbage can stands in front of a laundromat in the 15th district of Paris. Bulky waste on the sidewalk, overflowing garbage cans
01 December 2021, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Demmin: A poster with the inscription ""Welcome Hanseatic City of Demmin"" at the entrance to Demmin
01 December 2021, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Demmin: Holger Tabbert, owner of ""Fitness-World"", stands in his closed fitness center
01 December 2021, Demmin: ""Welcome"" is written above the entrance of the ""Fitness World"", which for the time being is not allowed to reopen until 15
04 November 2020, Rickelsbüller Koog: A plastic bag filled with dead barnacle geese lies behind a dike. In the municipality in the district of North Frisia
16 January 2020, Lower Saxony, Hohenhameln: The cooling tower of the coal-fired power station Mehrum in the district of Peine (shot with fisheye lens)
07 April 2022, Hamburg: A fingerprint scanner lies on a table in an office. The foreigners' department in the Hamburg-Nord district office recently moved to a...
09 April 2021, France, Paris: A garbage can stands in front of a closed hotel in the 15th district of Paris. Bulky waste on the sidewalk
23 May 2018, Germany, Hamburg: Composer Gustav Mahler's bicycle is on display at the Gustav-Mahler-Museum. In Hamburg's composers district
09 April 2021, France, Paris: A large bag of rubble lies in front of the Sacre Coeur church in the Montmartre district of Paris
13 January 2022, Brandenburg, Baruth: A few days old Highland calf stands next to its mother Berta in the Johannismühle Game Park
19 December 2019, Saxony, Dresden: Cops are looking for a baby. A 36-year-old German woman had been admitted to hospital in the afternoon
29 April 2021, Hessen, Frankfurt/Main: Maya Groß, ASB volunteer, holds Petri dishes with test sticks and test solutions for Corona rapid tests at the Covid Test...
Pedestrian walk along a street in the district Neckarstadt-West of Mannheim, Germany, 12 June 2013. The congress of municipalities of Baden-Wuerttemberg has...
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20 October 2021, Berlin: The faded lettering of Commerzbank and Dresdner Bank, as well as their logos, can be seen above a recently closed Commerzbank branch on...
07 April 2022, Hamburg: ""Customer Center North Foreigners' Affairs"" is written on a screen with call and office numbers in the reception hall

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