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This collection encompasses both important and humorous images, with historical, cultural, political, and military personalities from ages past. These images can be used for commercial purposes without requiring additional clearances.

The Feast of St. Nicholas, by Jan Steen, 1665-68, Dutch painting, oil on canvas. Good children receive gifts from the Saint
Woman Scouring Metalware, by Jan Steen, 1650-60, Dutch painting, oil on panel. Smiling young woman polishing a metal vessel with dried grass on a barrel
White Horse, by Joris Hoefnagel, 1560-99, Flemish painting, gouache on parchment. Hoefnagel was the last important Flemish manuscript illuminator
Road from Versailles to Saint-Germain, by Alfred Sisley, 1875, French impressionist oil painting. He painted this plein-air landscape in the bright light of a...
Four Cows in a Meadow, by Paulus Potter, 1651, Dutch painting, oil on panel. Four cows stand out against a cloudy grey sky
Head of a Dog, by Nicolas Toussaint Charlet, c. 1820-45, French painting, oil on canvas. (BSLOC-2016-1-297)
Christ Chases the Moneychangers from the Temple, by Rembrandt, 1635, Dutch print, etching on paper. Jesus swings a whip as he purifies the Temple by attacking...
The Rue Mosnier with Flag, by Edouard Manet, 1878, French painting, oil on canvas. On a French government holiday, 'Celebration of Peace'
Interior with Peasant Family and Sleeping Cat, by Cornelis Kruseman, 1817, Dutch, oil on canvas. A Young woman works at a spinning wheel while a child plays on...
Portrait of Maria van Strijp, by Johannes Verspronck, 1652, Dutch painting, oil on panel. The sitter sits sideways on a chair with its back to the viewer
Portrait of a Lady, by Titian, 1555, Italian Venetian painting, oil on canvas. The unnamed young Venetian woman wears a white shift with gold braid edging
Still Life with Peonies, by Paul Gauguin, 1884, French Post-Impressionist painting, oil on canvas. This work was painted two years after Gauguin became a full...
Merry Drinker, by Frans Hals, 1668-1630, Dutch painting, oil on canvas. Also known as, 'A Militiaman Holding a Berkemeyer'
Dancers at the Old Opera House, by Edgar Degas, 1877, French impressionist pastel drawing. Ballet dancers on Paris Opera House stage during a performance
Artist's Sister at a Window, by Berthe Morisot, 1869, French impressionist painting, oil on canvas. Morisot painted many domestic interiors
Helena Catharina de Witte, the Wife of Iman Mogge, by Caspar Netscher, 1678, Dutch oil painting. She point to a fountain in the shape of a lion and places her...
Still Life with Flowers in a Greek Vase: Allegory of Spring, by Georgius Jacobus van Os, 1817, Dutch painting, oil on canvas (BSLOC-2016-2-288)
Ginevra de' Benci, by Leonardo da Vinci, c. 1474-78, Italian painting, oil on panel. 16-year-old Ginevra de' Benci was a poet and learned conversationalist from...
A Man and a Woman, by Frans van Mieris (I), 1678, Dutch painting, oil on panel. On a terrace man gazes at and gently touches a seated women's shoulder
Emperor Napoleon I and his Staff on Horseback, Horace Vernet, c. 1815-50, French oil painting. In the distance is the smoke from a battle of the Napoleonic Wars...

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