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The Underwood Archive collection spans the years 1860 to 1975, holding over 160,000 rare, unusual, iconic and hard-to-find images from around the world.

New York, New York: 1941 .Couples dancing to the Dolly Dawn band at the Roseland Ballroom
Fort Ord, California: November 19, 1940.Introduction to the manual of arms offered complications and little precision as these volunteers for the U.S
Macon, Georgia: September 4, 1934 The city of Macon Chief of Detectives, T.E. Garrett at center in white hat, engages in an altercation with a striking mill...
United States: c. 1929. An art class in a Girl Scout Sylvan Camp
Chicago, Illinois: May 7, 1943.Her brothers, Hugo and Mario Zacchini, were called to arms for the war, so eighteen year old Victoria Zacchini stepped into their...
New York, New York: June 13, 1961. New York City's Great White Way is only half lighted in this view of Broadway during a massive power outage in midtown...
New York, New York: July, 1931 Natalie Towers, the first Television Girl sits in front of Columbia Broadcasting System's telecasting camera
Europe: July 15, 1916 A German machine gun crew firing upon the enemy 200 meters away.The crew is under a bomb proof shelter and is firing 600 bullets a minute
Spain: c. 1950 A portrait of virtuoso classical guitarist Andres Segovia
United States: c. 1958 Two women with a bicycle model vacation fashions in cotton for traveling or sightseeing. They are styled by Miss Pat of California
New York, New York: c. 1928 Two women check out some of the items for sale, including two large dolls up above at the U.S
Dneiper River, Russia: 1943.Russian troops fighting on the Dneiper River
San Diego, California: 1952 Former world heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis playing at the PGA sponsored San Diego Open Golf Tournament at the San Diego...
New York, New York: 1929.Three performers from the stage production, Broadway Nights practice their moves on the beach. Eddy and Douglas toss Dolores 16 feet at...
New York, New York: c. 1917 One of the Liberty Bond drives in New York City during World War I
Palm Springs, California: 1967 Two fashionable women at the Desert Classic Golf Tournament
Chicago, Illinois: 1949 A fashion model wearing a strapless bra and girdle, standing in an office smoking
France: c. 1915 Two German calvarymen enter a French village with pistol and rifle at the ready
New York, New York: January 17, 1939 Young models wearing the latest in spring styles at the children's fashion show at the Hotel Pennsylvania
Chicago, Illinois: December 18, 1929.Workers at the Van Buren Post Office in Chicago, regarded as the busiest office in the world

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