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Sports - Fencing - Till - 1969. July 16, 1951
Mr. De Vabera chatting to the new Bishop. Conservation in the chapel of Blackrock College, Dublin, of Dr. John William ***** as Bishop. June 02, 1932
Misc.- People - American-Indians. March 20, 1939.;Misc.- People - American-Indians
Old Vintage 1900s photo Distribution of gifts to British police in Bombay Mumbai Maharashtra India
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There is literally no waste when UNRRA food is distributed in China's famine stricken Hunan Province. Scrawny children collect the few kernels that fall through...
Pinewood with linden wood cabinets, antique 1915 Belanger Royal wood-burning cooking stove and dining table with assorted chairs in kitchen with worn wide...
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The destroyed old wooden house of mass building of the beginning of the twentieth century. Isolated on white. Windows glass isolated on black
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New U.S. Tank Destroyer -- A new U.S. tank destroyer, self propelled anti-tank gun of 105 mm. The unit, which uses tank type tracks for propulsion
The lean to the northeast of the famous old tower of Trinity Church has been checked at 18 inches by engineers who are sinking caissons 75 feet to bedrock
Old vintage 1900s Victoria War Hospital, Bombay, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Asia
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