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Infantrymen batter down the door of a house where German snipers were holding out. Stavelot, Belgium, during the Battle of the Bulge. Dec. 19-20, 1944
Wounded Marines Moved From Iwo Jima -- Marines, wounded in the bitter fighting to wrest Iwo Jima from the Japanese, are placed on a pontoon barge for transfer...
Cadets March Out to Planes: Two Dozen members of the pursuit squadron at the army's flying school at Kelly field march out to their planes for their final...
Wounded Marines Moved From Iwo Jima from the Japanese, are placed on a pontoon barge for transfer to other craft for immediate removal from the danger zone
A crowd of African American Women's Army Corps members waving at the camera, Staten Island Terminal, New York Port of Embarkation. United States
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War Criminal -- Dr. Hisakichi Tokuda, allegedly responsible for medical experimentation on American POWs, shown talking with two Jap soldiers
U.S. Soldiers Examine German Bazooka -- German, Bazooka, imitations of the American anti-tank guns, are examined by two U.S
Axis Prisoners Captured in Tunisia These German and Italian prisoners were captured during the successful American counter-attack at Kasserine Pass, Tunisia
Marines finishing training at Parris Island, S.C., 1942. Creator: Alfred T Palmer
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General John J. Pershing, between 1916 and 1918. Creator: Harris & Ewing
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