2006 Press Releases

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age fotostock s THP Photo Services gains momentum

September 2006

THP Photo Services, in short THP, delivers the world's leading images to end users, managing the IT infrastructure, software, security, service levels, and IT governance, allowing stock agencies to focus on their core business: selling pictures. The advantages are obvious: achieve benefits sooner, dramatically lower website maintenance costs, receive a better service at all levels, and create a very clear path to business growth.

age fotostock announces that their THP solution has reached a community of 50 stock photography companies using it as their preferred solution to build a strong presence in the Internet economy. Over 185 Rights Managed and Royalty Free providers, together with close to 1.300 photographers represented by age fotostock accumulates an impressive 3,7 million exquisitely edited image files that reside in age fotostock servers.

Quality: A Cornerstone of Balance.
Commitment to stock photography success in a turbulent business has driven age fotostock to invest in and continue to develop the THP, a comprehensive set of functionalities designed specifically to make the distribution of great images an easy and affordable exercise for everybody.

Flexibility: A Strategic Advantage.
The THP resolves complexities in all those stock photography agencies that want to directly benefit from the Internet economy, no matter they are in Honolulu or Buenos Aires. Being a THP Photo Services user means faster access to the latest imagery available without having to worry about keyword translation, image uploading, or digital file adjustments. This flexibility makes websites show their clients millions of images without the stock agencies using the THP even being aware of the miracle.

Cost: Lower and More Predictable.
Since the THP delivers essential software services on a per web /per month basis, agencies can budget IT expenses based on projected business volumes, and not worry about incurring unexpected expenses for software upgrades or malfunction repairs within their own IT structure.

Risk: A Four-Letter Word.
The THP deploys the resources necessary to meet its service-level commitments. There is no middleman. Agencies use the THP and age fotostock manages the rest. age fotostock applies the knowledge of more than 32 years of experience in stock photography, and the best practices gained from 50 successful THP implementations, software updates, 3,7 million images uploads and problem resolutions to further minimize technical, operational, and business risk.

Get the Balance Right.
With the THP, stock agencies can balance quality, flexibility, cost and risk for their business and their Internet website presence. Stock photography agencies satisfaction drives age fotostock to constantly perfect a highly scalable infrastructure and world-class services.

age fotostock's THP Photo Services is creating a fast growing business community than competes easily and affordably in a world that seems wrongly dominated by a few companies. age fotostock is committed to making stock photography companies successful in the Internet economy.

Alfonso Gutiérrez, Managing Director at age fotostock noted: "The THP today is the logical conclusion of a business model that was born with the philosophy in mind of thinking global but acting local; a community such as the THP, interacts in many different parts of the globe, from New Zealand to Sweden, in such a way that agents participating in the network can offer at a very affordable price millions of images to their clients minimizing the impact that bigger companies may generate in their territories. Now both have similar amounts of images and the key to gaining client s attention will be basic marketing expertise, but not amount of content".

Removing the difference between pompous and commercial: Pixtal s new fully guaranteed offer

September 2006

The quintessence of Andy Warhol art was to remove the difference between fine arts and the commercial arts used for magazine illustrations, comic books, record albums or advertising campaigns. Warhol once expressed his philosophy in one poignant sentence: "When you think about it, department stores are kind of like museums".

Nowadays photography seems to be engaged in a race that goes from the exotic to the would-be sophisticated hoping to surprise the buyer with aesthetics that will determine the purchasing factor. Statistics show, though, that the final client wants good, solid, easy to understand and just trendy enough images without them jumping over the fence. Department stores are the evanescent museums of the modern art that a massive amount of clients visit and buy from everyday. One only needs, like Andy Warhol introduced, to change the perception.

This fall PIXTAL notes "clients want usable, clear, easy to understand imagery with all the guarantees and assurances that those images will fulfil the promise of reliable quality in all senses. Let's change the perception." Changing the perception and renovating image collections is what Pixtal is all about.

Pixtal is the Royalty Free brand of age fotostock, a company that has devoted more than 32 years to selling images and has made possible what seems to be the miracle of surviving all kind of turbulent thunderstorms that have affected stock photography in the recent past. Today Pixtal delivers to the market 15 new, and very selective, CDs with more than 900 images of the quality and guarantee that distinguishes the brand. The launch also brings several thousands of single images that encapsulate and complete the CD collection.

Charming Stores, B&B on the Fall, Treat yourself to a SPA day, See you at the Gym!, are some of the CDs that are part of this new Pixtal release. With this new collection of CDs and images, the second this year, the brand is culminating the deep process of renovation that Pixtal is experiencing during 2006. This renovation is based on three key points: Innovative Thinking, Exquisite Quality of the product and Highly Controlled Quantity.

Innovative Thinking:
To understand market needs and statistically respond to such demand: rather than "surprising" Pixtal is responding.

Exquisite Quality:
All Pixtal CDs have the Pixtal Guarantee Seal, which implies that all images have followed a rigorous production process to maximize the digital quality of the files in order to assure the best possible reproduction quality.

Highly Controlled Quantity:
"Less is more" was said by both Mies van der Rohe and Buckminster Fuller who adopted this as a way of life also demonstrated in Mies' buildings and Bucky's geodesic domes--, not that Pixtal wants to produce a small number of CDs, of course, but neither will it be a massive production that may generate an overall decrease of quality.

This second release of the year, that will be followed by another one before this Christmas, responds to the clear objective of incrementing the number of in-house productions dealing with everyday situations to satisfy the specific market needs. The best route to innovation is not necessary extreme sophistication but rather stimulating changes that question the well-known status quo and surprising with novelties of guaranteed quality that could be exhibited in the museums of our times.

This is what Pixtal is all about: renovation, innovation and guarantee of results. Images and CDs will be fully available starting in October on age fotostock's website, www.agefotostock.com, and in more than 70 countries through the network of international agents.

Fall discounts are pouring over Pixtal: up to 40% off purchases

September 2006

Pixtal, the Royalty Free brand of the known international photographic agency age fotostock, opens the season with convenient discounts in all CDs and single image online purchases of this collection. From October 1st through November 30th Pixtal offers discounts to its clients of up to 40% on the purchases of all products.

Pixtal splashes the market with irresistible prices. The offer of the season starts with a 10% discount off the regular price of single image or a single CD online purchase; in online purchases of 2 images or 2 CDs the discount will be of 20%, 30% off the purchases of 3 images or 3 CDs and 40% off the online purchases of 4 images or more, or 4 CDs or more of this popular brand. This initiative puts in the hand of the client a great quantity of images at astonishing prices... an offer that can t be missed.

Pixtal will offer discounts on all their products, including images and CDs corresponding to this year s launches, which contain themes which are currently in high demand. The different CD titles contain images under diverse categories such as Lifestyle, Health & Medicine, Economy & Business, Agriculture and Food, World Locations, Technology & Industry, and are as original as Being a Student, Life in your 60s, Business on the Roof, Young, Beautiful and Trendy, B&B in the Fall and Charming Stores among many others.

Susan Jones, Sales Manager at age fotostock in New York comments: "With these discounts we do not only intend to increase sales, but we are doing justice to the philosophy of the brand, positioned as a flexible product whose images cover a wide range of subjects, offering creative solutions at affordable prices".

Pixtal collections contain more than 60,000 single images, and close to 300 CD titles, and are available on age fotostock s website at www.agefotostock.com. This irresistible Fall promotion is valid from October 1st through November 31st on online purchases.

age fotostock reaches the 1 Million Royalty Free images Milestone

July 2006

age fotostock is dramatically boosting its Royalty Free images stock to meet the market's demand. The agency has managed to close several representation deals with other agencies during this first half of 2006 incorporating 14 new Royalty Free collections to www.agefotostock.com. As a result, age fotostock closes the first six months of 2006 with 1 million RF images and over 40 RF collections available online by increasing Pixtal's production, age fotostock's Royalty Free brand, and obtaining the representation of AFLO, InspireStock, IndexStock, Vstock, and Ndisc among many others.

Today RF images are the first choice for picture buyers. Rights Managed imagery dominated the market as well as age fotostock's archive content since the birth of the agency back in the 1970's. It was in 2000 when the demand of RF type of images started increasing, and when age fotostock quickly responded by launching its very own RF brand, Pixtal, a collection that today contains over 60,000 images after its recent launch of 30 CDs and over 2000 single images. It has been in the last 4 years though that the number of RF images represented by age fotostock has grown exponentially, and where the stock has gone from just a handful of collections in 2002 to 40 collections and 1 million images today.

Reaching this 1 million images figure is a very significant cornerstone as it proves that an agency that has been in the market for over 30 years has not only been capable of adapting to market changes, but also has managed to be in forefront of the race at a time where competition among agencies is becoming more fierce than ever, and it is lead by large corporations and not private independent ones like age fotostock.

You know 1 image is worth 1000 words, you can now find out what 1 million RF images are worth at www.agefotostock.com

Pixtal alters the basis of the Royalty Free

June 2006

One of the issues surrounding photography today is that establishing a standard of quality is very complex as it is difficult to agree on what we understand for quality in terms of photography.

Nonetheless, it seems that age fotostock has taken a step forward this month launching 30 new CDs. This CD collection incorporates the Pixtal guarantee seal which certifies that the client will get the excellent quality they expect when using the images the CDs contain. This is unique in the Royalty Free industry and clearly asserts the "total Pixtal guarantee". age fotostock has made a brave decision in assuming all the responsibility that this seal entails, which includes a commitment that all images contained in the CDs have gone through a careful production process and rigorous colour proofs to guarantee the final quality of reproduction.

Pixtal counts on the complete support of tightly edited images backed up by the more than 30 year of experience that age fotostock has in the distribution of very commercial images.

With these 30 new titles Pixtal, the Royalty Free collection of age fotostock, grows to 289 titles and more than 60.000 loose images. Pixtal is one of today's largest and varied collections of Royalty Free images that can be found in the market.

Sylvie Cherian, International Sales Director at age fotostock, highlighted in the presentation of these new titles: The Pixtal collection is having a very good response in the US and in many other markets worldwide which keeps us highly motivated to continuously grow the collection .

The new Royalty Free CDs of the Pixtal brand are 499 /$499 each and they contain from 60 to 100 images per CD. The file sizes are of 1Mb, 26MB and 50MB and these can also be purchased individually. Prices for single images vary from 99 /$99 to 379 /$379 depending in the file size.

This new collection is available in www.agefotostock.com and through the international network of agents as single images as well as physical and virtual CDs. Clients can also obtain more info on the new CDs and on all the pixtal collection by contacting the offices in Barcelona, Madrid or New York to solicit the new mini-catalogue.

Success at age fotostock's international network of agents meeting

June 2006

age fotostock, the international photographic agency based in Barcelona organized a meeting with its global distribution network last June 6th. The meeting took place at Miramon Technological Park in the city of San Sebastian, a mighty place in the Spanish Basque Country chosen by age fotostock as an indication that stock photography today is not just a matter of distributing images but distributing them using technology at the highest possible level.

age fotostock hosted 48 guests from 29 different stock agencies that met to debate the challenges presented by distributing images today, and especially to strengthen relationships and communication channels among the different entities in the network and present to all of them the new and future developments the THP (Technological Hosting Platform) has to offer.

As Alfonso Gutiérrez, CEO of age fotostock, and speaker at the meeting, has been insisting since the introduction of the THP ...the ecosystem as a business model allow companies to create value and do things that no single company could create alone... . As time is passing by it is becoming apparent that this business mindset is gaining momentum as it helps image providers to easily distribute their images internationally, generating at the same time a worldwide network of agents that can distribute millions of images in their own countries at an affordable cost and little technical implication making possible one of the fundamental principles of the World Wide Web: Think global and act local .

age fotostock organized this congregation taking advantage of the fact that many collaborators were attending the CEPIC convention, that took place June 7th to 11th in the near by French sea town of Biarritz, only 40 km from San Sebastian.

The invitation to the meeting was extended exclusively to agents that are part of the international distribution network centralized on the Technological Hosting Platform (THP) that age fotostock developed 5 years ago. Today this platform allows for the distribution of more than 3 million images, fed by 150 providers and 1300 independent photographers, to 45 agents and more in preparation.

The THP agents meeting allowed for a fruitful exchange of ideas, plans and projects that the network shares and faces. The focus throughout the day was to discuss the present actions that are being taken to favour the general desire to continue as independent companies in a sector with a tendency to open the terrain to larger corporations and to displace smaller agencies. An open discussion was guided to reinforce the mission to support the advancement and the permanence of all entities that are part of the THP ecosystem.

The working day was eased by the exceptional tourist and gastronomic activities that the beautiful city of San Sebastian has to offer. One of the highlights was the lunch in the Arbelaitz restaurant at the Miramon Park, that has been recognized with an honourable Michelin Star. In addition, after the day-long meeting the group took a city tour around the so-called Little Paris . The attendees finished the day with a very enjoyable and delicious dinner overlooking the emblematic city bay at a famed panoramic restaurant found at the top of Igueldo Mount.

See the images of the international network of agents meeting:
>> Meeting at Parque Tecnológico de San Sebastian
>> Dinner at Hotel Mercure Monte Igueldo

Success at AGE FotoExperience 06. The creative Journey of age fotostock

June 2006

On Thursday June 1st 2006, the AGE FotoExperience 06 party packed the ESPACIOLOFT venue in Madrid with art directors, graphic designers and other creative staff and communication professionals. age fotostock, the photographic agency with more than thirty years of experience in the industry, invited this audience to experience photography in a very innovative and highly multi-sensorial way.

At the AGE FotoExperience 06, guests were taken on a journey to the interior of photography through the creation of six different FotoExperiences. Each one of these FotoExperiences induced guests to go through all kinds of visual, auditory, gustatory and even tactile sensations referent to the six selected themes: the sea, the desert, the city, the garbage, the world of candies and the night life, an intense disco final, very rhythmic, and loud really loud.

A multitude of exquisite images surrounded the crowd while guests enjoyed the tasty foods and drinks that varied to match the idea of each FotoExperience. These delicious edibles where combined harmonically with aromas and textures presented by the perfectly well characterized actors that mingled with the audience while performing to suit each of the created settings. The night ended with an explosive and stellar percussion show, the performing duo Men in Drums, that was retransmitted live via the 25 high definition plasma screens that surrounded the spectator. The party guests took advantage of a generous open bar that accompanied them until the end of an unforgettable night.

María Martínez, Sales Manager at age fotostock commented: I am very impressed with the positive feedback we have recieved from our friends and clients on a party in which we offered the opportunity to live and feel photography with more emotion than the simple contemplation of some high quality images; I think it has been an innovative way to understand imagery, and this action evidently indicates that for us photography is not only a visual pleasure, is a way of understanding life

The images and a video of the event are available on age fotostock s corporate web www.agefotostock.com/fotoexperience. Please visit the site to learn more about this exciting event.

AGE FotoExperience 06. The creative journey

April 2006

AGE FotoExperience 06, a creative journey guided by age fotostock, will take place in Madrid on June 1st

age fotostock, the photographic agency that has been creating stimulating visual experiences through images over the last thirty years, presents its second photography festival, this year named AGE FotoExperience 06, which will prove to be a real trip to the heart of photography.

This year s event comes as a result of the smashing success that age fotostock experienced with the Royalty Free Party organized in Madrid last year and which drew an attendance of close to 600 creatives from the country s top advertising companies. The AGE FotoExperience 06 is not focusing only on Royalty Free licensing this time but on Photography as an experimental concept.

In this event age fotostock presents a different way of interpreting and experiencing photography: age fotostock calls for the experimentation of photography with all five senses.

AGE FotoExperience 06 proposes FotoExperiences that go beyond the sense of sight. Each one of these experiences opens up to reveal the power of images by stimulating the guest to literally feel photography, by tasting it, touching it, smelling it and listening to it.

AGE FotoExperience 06 will take place in Madrid, Spain on June 1st at 9 pm. The event is aimed as last year s at art directors, creative directors, graphic designers and other communications industry professionals.

pixtal reinvents its brand image

March 2006

Creating aesthethic style. pixtal reinvents its brand image

The stimulation of one sense by another is called synesthesia, from the Greek syn (together) and aesthesis (perception). Through sight, and viewing images, a sixth sense is stimulated within ourselves, the sense of intuition, and in our case this is called creative intuition.

The images and visual symbols we come across every day lead us through deep sensory and memorable experiences, that translate into different meanings for everyone. With over thirty years in the stock photography business, creating these experiences certainly has been one of the main objectives for age fotostock, the parent company of the Pixtal brand of royalty free images.

Several years after the initial launch of Pixtal, our image collection has greatly evolved towards a new dimension of style as the constant addition of fresh content has forged a new artistic and aesthetic identity, which has now emerged as one of the main differentiating factors for the Pixtal brand.

Pixtal images have always offered something special to its clients by virtue of the sheer variety of thematic content available, but not only do we maintain the importance of creating a desirable visual image, but this is also now being reinforced by incorporating images that have a touch of humor, candor, and style. This is the new identity of Pixtal, both with its new logo image, packaging, and rich thematic content: royalty free images that are trendy, playful and stylish.

Value is provided only by satisfying needs. In a world in which customers have most of their basic needs satisfied, the focus must be on satisfying clients experiential needs - their aesthetic needs, but without forgetting about their great expectations in terms of image quality, something which Pixtal has always maintained them accustomed to. This is why all Pixtal images come with a unique "Pixtal guarantee" seal; this means that all Pixtal images have been carefully selected, and have passed rigorous quality control and output tests prior to being included into the collection. Further, we back all Pixtal images with this special guarantee in order to ensure our clients full satisfaction.

As a culmination of the creation of a new aesthetic style, we will very shortly be announcing the release of 30 brand new CD titles and over 5.000 single images which will propose all new creative solutions, while offering fresh sensorial experiences to rekindle a sometimes elusive creative intuition.

Pixtal s new brand identity is unique, as the aesthetic identity of the images it offers is fundamentally different, and leaves a lasting impression of special personality, irresistible appeal, and distinct brand identity that definitely sets it apart.

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