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About agefotostock

agefotostock is a stock photography, vectors, and video agency based in Spain, with offices in Barcelona and Madrid and companies in New York and Paris. We manage licensing rights for photographic images and video clips for corporate, editorial, advertising, and design.


What Stock Photography
means nowadays?

If you have been an experienced stock shooter for many years, you may find that what you learned in the past no longer applies today. Perhaps some of the following statements may seem elementary. Still, you would be surprised how many people want to license their images and are asking straightforward questions so as not to make mistakes.

Stock photography is the business of licensing images. Licensing an image grants someone the right to use it for advertising, news, and press, decorative, and publishing in the end for any possible use that you can guess.

However, the rules of the past hardly apply these days. Massive transformation in the way images are priced has transformed the stock photography business in a market where the volume of pictures, licensed at a fraction of the price they were licensed 20 years ago, demands photographers' persistence in production as the key to generating revenue with their photography.

Which are the markets for my photography?

Producing images for stock licensing is the beauty of this business. You can take pictures of what you want that sure there will be someone on the planet that would like to use them and pay you money.

Markets for visual content, pictures, video, vectors, and all derivatives are infinite. The use of images is a global phenomenon, given that we human beings are visual people.

However, there are, generically speaking, ten market segments that require a different shooting approach when handling your camera.

1. Publishing. It needs very descriptive images.

2. Decorative. It requires Highly suggestive photos.

3. Advertising. Very conceptual photography here.

4. Packaging. If it is from food packaging, make sure that your images are really appetizing.

5. Calendars. Just make sure that you convince us to go there.

6. Travel. Enticing.

7. Games and toys. Dynamic, fantastic, exhausting activity.

8. News and Press. Journalistic. What else could we say?

9. Web. Everything that you can imagine and shoot is valid.

10. Distribution through agencies. Great photos.

It is easy to understand that your ability lies primordially on what you like to shoot and get the best results.

Are better-priced markets for my photography?

Strictly speaking, more than markets, we should talk about licenses and specializations.

Licenses for photography are two, Rights Managed and Royalty Free,

Rights-Managed (our agefotostock RM collection): refers to the licensing of content for specific usage, the time used, and distribution territory for the produced work with the image.     

While prices for licensing images have gone wild due to the introduction of the subscription models, Rights Managed Licensing still has a bit of a positive margin on fees provided that the images are not the typical microstock wishy-washy.

Royalty Free (our Pixtal RF Brand): refers to the licensing of content for use on a substantially unlimited basis, for an indefinite time, and a fee not based on usage but the file size. All content submitted under this licensing model must have all required releases (model and property releases).

For more information about releases, please refer to Legal Matters.

Royalty Free is theoretically a high price license. However, market competition and the race to the bottom on prices that photography has experimented with in recent years have deteriorated this one-time license. Still, fluctuations in its price are usually huge.

Low Budget Royalty Free (our easyFotostock Brand): highly image acceptance and moderate to low Royalty Free pricing. Its content must have all required releases (model and property releases).

For more information about this license visit the easyFotostock Photographer's Area.

For more information about releases, please refer to Legal Matters.

How to become an agefotostock photographer? 

1. Fill out and sign the contract.

2. Send it to us signed with your initials on every page.

3. Include a photocopy of one ID document, ID card, passport, driving license.

4. Use email to send everything to 

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How to send your content?

1. You will receive FTP credentials to upload your images to our FTP Servers (, as soon as we get your signed contract.

2. In the FTP area, there will different folders waiting for your Images, Videos, and EPS Vectors EPS.
3. CAUTION: Make sure that you place your images inside these folders. Anything outside won't be processed.

4. You will receive an email after processing the images telling you that we have received them, whether photos, videos, or vectors.


Before sending images, videos or vectors, please carefully read the complete guidelines:

How does the process continue?

• In the following days, the content will be edited.

• The photographer will receive an email with the info of the edition.

• We will check that the metadata is OK.

• We will check if a model or property release is needed and request you to send us a copy

• We will send an email requesting captions or keyword information if necessary.

• The photos will be uploaded to the web once the process is finished.


For more information regarding how to prepare and send your content, licenses, keywording or legal issues, please visit our informational section.

If you have any doubts, or need further information, please contact


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