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Our years of experience in the business tell us that using different approaches to show images allow for faster resolution of what clients need. Our classification of images by style makes the searching work easier.

This is what drives age fotostock’s Special Collections; images that show a very distinctive style.

Five unique collections of concepts, each with its own flavour and vision:


Prime Images is the top collection at agefotostock. A selection of the best photos and images that we receive daily. Inspiration for creative projects and a contemporary touch.

The Prime Images collection showcase the best images from our top 4 categories: Inspiration, Unconventional, Premium and Snapmobile. This section includes images from all these 4 categories in one single search to satisfy users with the most refined taste. 

Inspiration collection by agefotostock, Stock Phography, image bank

INSPIRATION collection. It is always simplicity that produces the most marvellous results. A selection of images that opens the door to a distinctive kind of photography perfect for imaginative and innovative applications.

Unconventional collection by agefotostock, Stock Phography, image bank

UNCONVENTIONAL collection. Images that break the rules. Photographic creativity from diverse perspectives. A curious, distinctive and detectably rebellious collection.

Premium collection by agefotostock, Stock Phography, image bank

PREMIUM collection. The best of the newest, refreshing and stimulating new images every day. Step into a world of professionally edited imagery.

SnapMobilefoto collection by agefotostock, Stock Phography, image bank

SNAPMOBILEFOTO collection. Because good mobile photography is good photography. Shot on-the-fly from the smart phone, this selection of contemporary images both surprises with spontaneity and lures with informal intimacy.

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