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Contribution contract. It is a document signed by the contributor to supply content to agefotostock for commercial exploitation. The contract can be exclusive or non-exclusive. With non-exclusive basis, the photographer can send the same images to other agencies.

Rights Managed (RM).
Means the licensing of content for a specific usage and for which usage fees are based on the selected usage and other specific details. 

Royalty Free (RF).
Means the licensing of content for use on a substantially unlimited basis, for an unlimited period of time and for a fee based on the file size. 

easyFotostock Low Budget Royalty Free (LBRF - Royalty Free license with lower fees.) contributor contract. It is a document signed by the contributor to supply content to easyFotostock/agefotostock for commercial exploitation of the photos sent. The easyFotostock non-exclusive agreement allows the photographer to send the same images to other agencies.


FTP. It is a file transfer protocol to connect to an FTP ( server. It is necessary to use client software that transfers your image to our servers. 

Processing of content. Regularly during the day, the FTP robot collects the content sent by the photographer and generates an email with the reception result in a link (files rejected and files accepted).

Edition. Once the images are reviewed, an email with the accepted content result is sent to the photographer.


Metadata. The information embedded in the content is the description of what the image shows. This information must be relevant since it is what allows the content to be found on the website.

Description/caption. This information explains the content, the specific location, and any other interesting explanation regarding the content. This is essential information for the editor, but also to find the images on the website. The description must always be received in English.

Keywords. These relevant words in English allow finding the website's images on the Internet.
Non-exclusive images must have at least 10 keywords for every photo, separated by commas. They must be in English.


Model Release. It is a written document signed by the subject who appears in the content that states that he/she consents the content will be used for commercial purposes. In case that images contain minors, the authorization of an adult is necessary for the Modle Release to be valid.

Property Release. It is a written statement signed by the owner of a property that permits to use of the content for any commercial purpose.

Editorial use only. Under the Rights Managed license, certain types of images of public interest can be classified, in the absence of a release, as editorial content. This classification will be determined by the releases department. easyFotostock Low Budget Royalty Free does not deal with "Editorial Use Only" images given the extreme responsibility these images could generate if a buyer makes a mistake and misuses the photos.

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