Our press section offers all kinds of content, from Celebrities images, Cultural Events, Sports and Political Activities. In a global world we are all connected and any remote event can influence globally. Any relevant news or event is of interest.

We have editorial content in our stock archive under the rights-protected license, however, more relevant events and news are available under our press section.

If you are a photojournalist or you cover interesting events, contact us. We will need you to email us a small sample of your work to with a short bio of your experience.

01. Press Images

The agefotostock press section offers press photography to our clients. Our news content is classified into different categories: culture, economy, fashion, people, politics, portraits, royals, sports and world.

What do we consider “press images”? 

  • Images of celebrities, socialites and relevant figures of our society (portraits, events coverage, photocalls/red carpet, famous people in their daily life, royal families’ activities, etc.).
  • Cultural events: concerts, theater shows, film shoots, book/film/music presentations, cultural festivals, etc.
  • Fashion events.
  • Sports events.
  • Politicians and political activities (cabinet meetings, committees, parliamentary activities, press conferences, etc.)

Images that do not portray news or a prominent event, everyday life images, should be sent with the usual stock photography procedure. It is very important not to send stock content to the press folder.

In our press section you can see examples of what we classify as press images.

02. Workflow

  • Press images should be sent by FTP ( with the credentials assigned to each individual photographer (See the FTP Section).
  • Images should be placed into the PRESS_NEWS folder of the FTP.
  • This folder is processed in real time, in order to upload press content onto our website immediately.


  • Images must be placed directly in the folder PRESS_NEWS. You should not create subfolders.
  • In order to have the images correctly organized and displayed on our website, they should be documented following our IPTC specificacions (See the Metadata section).
  • Images that do not meet the technical specifications (See the Images Specs section), nomenclature (See the Naming your Images section) or the metadata (See the Metadata section) will not be processed and will be removed from the system, without any notification.
  • All recent news/events will be displayed in folders in the press area.
  • Photos taken more than two weeks before upload date, will not be displayed in folders, but they will be available in the press photo section and searchable by their keywords.

03. Images Specs

  • Color mode RGB (8 bits).
  • Color space Adobe 1998 or sRGB.
  • Format JPG. (Extension .jpg)


  • Grayscale or CMYK images.
  • Color space specific of the camera manufacturer.
  • Raw, tiff, png, etc, formats other than JPG.
  • Images with .jpeg extension.

04. Naming your images

  • The name of the files must only contain a maximum of 35 characters excluding the extension.
  • Avoid blank spaces, apostrophes or accents when naming your images.
  • The FTP robot will process the content uploaded by you, and the system will send you an email with the result of the processing. In the email, a link will detail if the files have been rejected and the reason.


  • Images with too long name.
  • Files with these characters in the name: blanks, spaces, apostrophes or accents.

Keep in mind that the file name is purely operational and has no effect on the documentation of the image, so you should avoid unnecessarily adding an excess of information here.

05. Metadata (IPTC)

Metadata fields description for press images ( regulation):


  • Headline. The information supplied in this field must refer to the news or event that the image portrays. This information allows us to group the photographs of the same news/event into relevant folders and present them in the press section by events.

    The information contained in this field will only serve to organize the content, it will not be available as a search criteria.
  • Caption/Description. The information supplied in this field has to describe what appears in the image, details about the character, the event, etc.

    The information contained in this field will be used to find the images by search criteria.


  • Keywords. Keywords are optional. You may include them to complement the information, but they are not mandatory.


  • Images without information in the Headline field. Photographs without the Headline, cannot be grouped by events or news.
  • Images without information in the Description field. Photographs without the description will not be searchable on our website.

06. FTP

  • You should use an FTP client application, such as Filezilla, to connect to our FTP server (
  • Use the credentials assigned by agefotostock to connect to our FTP server. If you do not have any credentials assigned yet, you can request for one by writing to
  • Filezilla connects using the FTP protocol (port 21), by default.
  • We recommend connecting using the SFTP protocol (port 22), which allows for the information to be encrypted, is much safer, easier to configure for firewalls and less vulnerable to transmission problems.
  • News and event images can only be sent to the PRESS_NEWS folder found in our FTP.
  • Photographs sent by FTP must complying with the specifications of this manual. No notification will be sent about the content that does not meet the requirements, since the processing of the images will be done “on the fly”.


  • Do not use the Internet Browser to connect by FTP.
  • If you have forgotten or misplaced your FTP credentials, do not make numerous connection attempts because it would cause your account to be blocked.
  • Connecting using the FTP protocol (port 21), may cause connection problems. To rule out transmission errors, it is advisable to use the SFTP protocol (port 22).
  • Do not place press

If you have any doubts, or need further information, please contact


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