Often a vector is much more graphic than an image, it allows you to concentrate an idea based on strokes and colors without distractions. The versatility of a vector is difficult to match with a photograph. We have a great collection of vectors.

If you are an illustrator or designer and want to send us your creations, we will be happy to upload them to the agefotostock vector collection. 

Below you can find access to collaboration contracts and the technical specifications to collaborate.


01. Workflow

How to become an agefotostock contributor? 

  • Fill out and sign the contract.
  • Send it to us signed with your initials on every page, including a photocopy of one ID document, ID card, passport or driving license. 
  • Use email to send everything to

How to send your content? 

  • As soon as the signed contract and ID document is received, you will receive the FTP credentials ( by email.
  • In the FTP server, you will find four folders associated with the contract.
  • Ensure that locating your content precisely in these folders as the content loaded outside these folders won't be processed.

Things to keep in mind

  • It is possible to send additional information about the submission in a text file that must be named as "message.txt".
  • The FTP robot will process the content uploaded by you, and the system will send you an email with the result of the processing. In the email, a link will detail if the files have been rejected and the reason.

How does the process continue?

  • In the next 10-15 days, the content will be selected.
  • You will receive an email with the info of the edition.
  • We will check that the metadata is OK.
  • We will send an email requesting more information if necessary.
  • Vectors will be uploaded to the web once the process is finished

02. Technical Specs

  • Format .eps.
  • The maximum size accepted 100 MB.
  • RGB or CMYK color mode.
  • * .eps files, sent in JPG format, will be reported as an error.

03. Preparing the submission

Coding the vectors and folders

  • The names of the files must have a maximum of 35 characters, plus the file extension.
  • Blanks, accents, apostrophes, or the letter "ñ" or other specific characters and letters should be avoided in the name of files and folders.
  • It is possible to send a text file, named "message.txt" (only that name will be accepted), if you want to give us additional information regarding the submission.


  • All vectors must have a description in English.
  • All vectors must have at least 10 keywords in English, separated by commas.
  • Vectors without a caption will be rejected.
  • Vectors can be documented in the photographer’s area, once selected.

Latest checks

  • Once the folder with your vectors is correctly named, and the content is ready,
  • check that the vectors contain the IPTC (metadata) information,
  • then, the content is ready to be sent to us by FTP to be processed.

04. FTP Connection

Preparing the connection

  • Assuming that the photographer has received the credentials to connect to FTP (this information is always available in the "Photographer area," section "my profile").
  • Our FTP server is
  • To connect, you must use an FTP client software. We like Filezilla (
  • Leaving the port empty will force the connection by the default port (21).
  • You can also connect using port 22 that is less vulnerable to connection problems. If port 22 is indicated, the Filezilla program will automatically change the server's value to "sftp:/" The photographer should not introduce this value because you must always show server/host:

Choose the destination folder in the FTP

Any content sent outside of a license folder will not be processed.

  • Vector folders: “Eps RF” / “Eps LBRF”.

What we should not do

  • It is not efficient to connect to FTP with the Internet browser.
  • Enter incorrect credentials repeatedly will cause an account lock.
  • You cannot indicate a server different than
  • The content can't be uploaded outside of a specific folder because it won't be processed.
  • It is better not to send too many images in the same submission. To process the content quickly, no more than 2000 items per submission is a reasonable figure. You can, indeed, send many thousands at the time if you wish.

Things to keep in mind

  • If we have connection problems, we must report the case by email, explaining the type of issue, capturing the screen error, and your public IP.
  • The FTP robot processes the content very regularly.
  • Once the process is finished, a reception email is sent to you. It is essential to check the information on the mail sent to check the details of the uploading process in case the system could have rejected any vectors.

05. Edition And Processing


  • The content will be edited in the next 10-15 days approximately, although it may vary depending on the number of submissions to edit.
  • The link sent in the recipient email can be checked if all the content was processed correctly.
  • Once the submission has been edited, an email will be sent with the number of images, videos, or vectors selected.


  • We will review descriptions and keywords to check if they comply with our metadata requirements (find more info on the website, photographers section). We may ask photographers to make metadata corrections if necessary.
  • Vectors can be documented in the photographer area after the submission has been selected.

Upload to the web

  • Images with metadata or releases issues will be put on hold until the photographers have made all necessary corrections. They could be eliminated if the information is not provided in the term given to the photographer to solve it.
  • Once the submission is completed, it will be uploaded to the web.
  • You can follow the process from his area, section "my submissions."

If you have any doubts, or need further information, please contact


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