02. Submissions Manual

01. Workflow

How to become an agefotostock contributor?

  • Fill out and sign the contract.
  • Contracts available:
    • Exclusive (License RM and RF).
    • Non-Exclusive (Licenses RM, RF and LBRF).
  • Send us the full contract signed, with your initials on every page, along with a photocopy of one ID document by email to photodepartment@agefotostock.com.

How to send your content?

  • The photographer will receive the FTP credentials (ftp.agefotostock.com), once he/she signs the contract, or previously if the credentials have been requested by email.
  • In the FTP there are the folders associated with the contract:
    • AGE RM, PIXTAL RF or easyFotostock (for images).
    • Video RF or Video RM (videos) / Eps LBRF o Eps RF (vectors).
    • Mobilefotos RF or mobilefotos RM (for mobile images).
  • The content sent outside these folders won’t be processed.

Things to keep in mind

  • It is possible to send additional information about the submission in a text file that has to be named as message.txt.
  • If the model or property release is available it is better to send them along with the content, but you can send them by FTP after the submission is selected.
  • Once a day the FTP robot will process the content sent by the photographer.
  • The photographer will receive an email with the result of the processing. In the email, a link will detail if the files have been rejected and the reason.

How does the process continue?

  • In the next 10-15 days the content will be selected.
  • The photographer will receive an email with the info of the edition.
  • We will check that the metadata is OK. We will add keywords to all unkeyworded exclusive images.
  • We will check if model or property release is needed.
  • We will send an email requesting information if necessary.
  • The photos will be uploaded to the web once the process is finished.