Focus on: the Entrepreneurial Spirit

In crisis times, not everyone is looking for salvation in a safe, company job.  Some people choose to be their own boss, and start a small business.  A recent Gallup study shows that despite the risks of failure, entrepreneurs are often happier than employees because they still make their own decisions, right or wrong, rather than waiting for the axe to fall.  Also, some countries encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in crisis times with micro-credits, grants and other public assistance. 

Situations:  Show the owners of new, small businesses at work and on location in garden centers, landscaping, bakeries, delis/cafes, gift shops, pet stores, shoe shops, jewelry stores, craft shops, etc.

Subjects:  Seek entrepreneurs, 25-40 years old, who communicate energy, confidence and pride.  These could be friends, family members, or acquaintenances of yours.  However, don’t forget to get signed model releases! (sample release here: )

Client request:  Please send photos of “real people entrepreneurs,” not models posing as entrepreneurs.

Editor tips:  (a) Include some frames which show the entire body of the model and give an idea of location, not just close-ups. (b) Leave enough negative space to add texts. (c) Don´t over “wide-angle” the image, a 28 or 35 mm. is more than enough.