It´s always summertime in stock…

That´s what editors think sometimes when they see hundreds of photos of women wearing tank tops, spaghetti straps, and short skirts while at work.  Is there a need for season-specific, summer (and winter) imagery?  Yes.  Will “season-neutral” or “between season” imagery have a better chance of selling?  Big Yes!  Many advertising clients will not even look at images of professionals wearing the clothes listed above.

If you are producing lifestyle images of professionals, you might choose to shoot a super-hip, “edgy” office every so often.  For those shoots, you can disregard our advice and go crazy, but in all of the normal, professional lifestyle shoots, keep in mind our Top 10 Wardrobe Do´s and Don´ts.

    1. Do lighten up. Use lighter, fresher colors and classic looks.


    1. Do be natural. Use tasteful, subdued make-up and hairstyles for models.


    1. Do cover up. Use short or long sleeves for models, not tanks tops or other skin-baring options.


    1. Do cover up part 2. Skirts or pants should cover models’ legs adequately.


    1. Don’t shoot Hairy at Work. Do use clean-shaven male models.


    1. Don’t be busy. Avoid clothing with busy patterns or extreme/dark colors.


    1. Don’t be loud. Beware of trendy clothes that will become “so last year” next year.


    1. Don’t bling.  Please no flashy jewellery or piercings.


    1. Don’t even go there.  Please avoid suggestive poses and looks.  Even if your models are drop-dead gorgeous.  Models in office environments should express and communicate attitudes such as confidence, friendliness, and responsibility.


  1. Don’t get the wrong idea!  It’s not that we want your great-grandmother to style the shoot… Just try for simple, stylish, tasteful and natural.

A few careful wardrobe choices can allow you to get much more mileage out of your photos.