Rights Managed photo YA4-1052055 by John Banagan caught the eye of our editors this week.  Why?
It’s natural, surprising and it has negative space.

NATURAL – The woman is real-looking and gazing at the camera with a quiet, natural expression.  She isn’t smiling a big, saccharine-sweet smile.  Most photographers tend to produce models being stagey or stocky, but it’s the expressive and natural models that connect as authentic and real with clients.

SURPRISING – Stock agencies are full of standard spa and beauty images. Most of them are the “same old same old” approaches to the subject.  The bold, contrasting colors and almost snapshot feel of this image stand out.  When you look at over 35,000 new images a week from photographers, it’s nice to be surprised!

NEGATIVE SPACE – Negative space is the “empty” space in the top half of this image.  Generally speaking, it’s the area where the subject is not, and where there is an absence of distracting elements.  It gives designers an ideal space to include text and other design elements for advertising and magazine images.  If you don’t leave negative space in your stock images, you are limiting their commercial possibilities.

Is there any downside to the image?  Well, the model’s hair might be too “natural looking” for some clients.  A quick pass with the comb would have smoothed it down a bit more.

But that’s our opinion.