age fotostock represents talented photographers from around the world who enrich our collection with distinctive styles, varied subjects and diverse professional backgrounds.  That´s why we´ve created the new 10 x 10 series.  10 images and 10 answers will allow you to meet the photographers behind some of the amazing images represented at age fotostock. The skills, experience and drop dead gorgeous images of these photographers deserve to be shared and celebrated, especially at a time when many question the value of a real photograph, or a successful career in photography.

We have chosen to begin with Colin Monteath, a long time photographer, age fotostock contributor and individual who knows how to weather a storm…with camera in hand.

Q: Choose 3 words that describe you.

A: Polar & mountain photographer.

Q: Why did you choose to be a photographer?

A: Passionate about documenting trekking & mountaineering expeditions to Himalaya and Antarctica.

Q: Any special artistic influences?

A: Inspired by early explorers & mountain photographers.

Q: Are you more technical or intuitive in your photography?

A: I am a non technical person…just believe in working hard to be there when good light happens.

Q: What’s your favourite lens and why?

A: 17mm wide angle. I love good depth of field i.e. interest in foreground with landscape opening up behind…all in focus.

Q: Why did you choose age fotostock to represent your photography?

A: age fotostock has proven to be efficient in communicating with me as a photographer & in editing my work…and clearly, their sales over many years have meant they have good relationships with clients in many countries.

Q: What is the best or worst photographic advice that you have ever received?

A: A mentor, John Cleare of Mountain Camera, UK, inspired me – teaching me the importance of coming away from any situation/poor light/bad weather by having the skills, tricks, initiative, energy etc to get the best-possible image no matter the conditions.

Q: If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be?

A: A writer….sometimes travelling with just a pencil would be better than lugging camera gear. I enjoy both writing & photography; one compliments the other. 30% of my living is still earned by writing about my experiences.

Q: What’s the image that you are still hoping to make?

A: The best image ever taken in New Zealand!!! The quality of light in New Zealand is stunning….great incentive to get out there and take better/different images.

Q: Ask and answer the question that you’ve always wished someone had asked you in an interview.

A: If you had your time over again would your approach to photography be different? In the past I think photography worked with 80% passion 20% skill. Now, in a digital world, there is a much greater need for real skills and learning technical tricks both with the camera and with computer processing. So, if starting out again, I would place more emphasis on formal instruction so as not to learn techniques by years of trial and error. Passion in the field is still vital…but so is passion with techniques and, importantly, with creativity in the processing while still keeping the image ‘real’.